Land for sale in Etherland

The Grand Palace, situated in Bangkok's heart, is one of Thailand's most famous tourist attractions and the best-known landmark of the city. The architecture of the complex buildings of the Grand Palace, such as the strikingly beautiful temples and grounds, is truly impressive. Since 1782, the Grand Palace has been the official residence of Siam Kings, and until 1925, the King's Royal Government base of operations.

  • Landtyp Parcel
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Token-Standard ERC-721
  • Vertragsadresse 0x6601...28da
  • Token-ID 57
  • Eigentümer 0x171d...fcb4


The Etherland platform is a combination of interoperable technologies connecting the digital data of internet users with our physical world.

Etherland is hosting the real-estates’ content information on IPFS. As the storage is decentralized on IPFS, it ensures that the uploaded information will remain accessible at any time by anyone for an almost infinite period of time.

As IPFS takes care of the information’s persistence and redundancy, the Etherland Blockchain acts as the stamp that ties the owner to his property’s information while providing a full history of the information’s updates and ownership changes.

  • Name der virtuellen WeltEtherland
  • Blockchain Ethereum