Axie Infinity fixes MMR-stealing bug

Axie Infinity fixes MMR-stealing bug

On March 11, Players of Axie Infinity expressed their anger and disappointment through Twitter after encountering a bug that caused them to lose their Match Making Ranking (MMR). 

In response to these complaints, Axie Infinity took action to resolve the issue and fix the bug so players could enjoy the game normally again. Besides fixing the bug, their team also discovered 124 accounts that abused this bug to win the game. The MMR of these accounts is reset by Axie Infinity as a consequence of violating the game’s Terms of Service. Furthermore, Axie Infinity also deployed an update to prevent anyone from using the bug. They detailed the action they took through their Twitter account on March 14.

Match Making Ranking or MMR in Axie Infinity is a ranking given to each player in order to analyze their skills so that they can be matched with the right opponent. The amount of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Axie Infinity’s native token, that a player can earn for each victory in the player-vs-player (PVP) arena is also determined by this rank.

The bug discovered last week enabled players to win games during their duels in the PVP arena without really playing. The opponent would be unable to load into the game, and the game would be automatically lost. As a result, the player who abused the bug might move up the rankings and earn more SLP tokens.

SOURCE: CoinQuora