Axie Infinity Increases Marketplace Fees to Reward Players

Axie Infinity Increases Marketplace Fees to Reward Players

Axie Infinity just released a new program to share the wealth with game players. This program is launched to enhance tokenomics. Last week, the team behind the popular Play-to-Earn game announced their plan to raise marketplace fees to 5.25% and distribute additional revenue to Axie's community of content creators.

The price increase is going live on March 7, together with the release of the "creator code." When players transact on the Axie marketplace supply a creator code, they will get 1% of the transaction's value. If the players don't supply a creator code, the full 5.25% fee on transactions in the marketplace will be claimed by the Axie Community Treasury. The increased marketplace fee is done to "provide a sustainable source of funding for marketing and growth initiatives going forward."

Kookoo Crypto TV, a community manager at Yield Guild Games and a social media influencer, stated that while introducing incentives is a good move for any game, the team have to be selective regarding the creators they onboard since some of the creators might abuse the system. He suggested that Axie create a vetting process for creator codes.

According to Quinn Campbell, head of marketing at Axie Infinity, the application process for creators looking for a creator code will continue to evolve based on community opinion. He also said that the team is discussing to base the application and review process on factors like number of followers, portfolio of Axie content on both quality and quantity, values alignment, general fit, and more.

The release of creator codes is predicted to incentivize the proliferation of new social media content promoting Axie Infinity. The team behind the game stated that the community content creators of Axie Infinity have been contributing a lot to the project's growth, including contributions towards onboarding, education, and culture.

SOURCE: The Defiant