Decentraland Launched Desktop Client for Windows Users

Decentraland Launched Desktop Client for Windows Users

Decentraland has released its biggest and most important update yet, allowing users to access the platform via the beta version of its Windows desktop client. 

With the newly released Windows desktop client, users will experience a range of performance enhancements, including cleaner graphics, improved stability, and faster processing speeds. Overall, the desktop client provides a far more efficient gateway to Decentraland's virtual universe.

All you have to do is download the installer and open the desktop client to get started. However, in order to get in, you must first scan a QR code to connect up. That's why it's recommended to use a wallet linked to a smartphone as the payment method. Once inside, users may bask in the grandeur of their upgraded digital surroundings.

While the desktop client is currently only available for Windows users, the team behind Decentraland has plans to roll out the technology to other operating systems soon. This will give visitors and users of the metaverse platform easy access that no longer relies on a browser.

Since the client is still in its beta phase, the developers welcome any feedback from users and visitors.

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