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Sand Vegas Casino Club plans to launch metaverse casinos

Sand Vegas Casino Club plans to launch metaverse casinos

Sand Vegas Casino Club, or SVCC for short, has announced its new project where they’ll build multiple virtual casinos and share profits to the holders of the 11,111 NFTs. The casinos are planned to be launched in the Web 2.0 and 3.0 spaces. They will include a new variation of NFT called the Golden Gambler, which will unlock special access to metaverse rooms, free tournament entries, and boost profit sharings for holders. This project seems to be generating lots of enthusiasm from NFT holders and the metaverse community due to its passive income earning potential.

The project is being developed by a team of German entrepreneurs with a background in casino-related ventures, online marketing, and management. They picked two major metaverses, The Sandbox and Decentraland, as the main metaverse components. 

According to their roadmap, SVCC acquires 3 3x3 lands in the Sandbox and Land in Decentraland in January 2022. The development of the SadVegasCasino in The Sandbox is planned to start in March to August 2022. Then, the SandVegasCasino is planned to be launched between May to October 2022, along with the first profit distribution to the holders.

NFT and Profit Sharing

Each NFT of SVCC is called a gambler. Every gambler is entitled to a share of the profits. Currently, the holders of these NFTs receive 50% of the profits. All metaverse casinos receive a 50% profit split, with an extra 20% coming from the Web 2.0 casino. Additionally, the team has just introduced 1,111 Golden Gamblers into the world. Instead of receiving a profit share from the metaverse casino, they will split 30% of all Web 2.0 casino revenues among the 1,111 holders. Furthermore, holders of Golden Gamblers will have exclusive access to metaverse rooms and free tournament entries. 

SOURCE: App Developer Magazine