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Adshares and Polkacity make an important partnership for users

Adshares and Polkacity make an important partnership for users

Adshares and Polkacity have officially reached an agreement on a unified protocol of advertising exchange for the Polkacity virtual world.

With this partnership, citizens of Polkacity can begin monetizing their lands with advertising. Aside from standard ad placements like banners and billboards, the team is also working to allow ads to be placed in Trains, Buses, Taxis, and other Polkacity assets.

Adshares is the only blockchain explicitly developed with the ad tech in mind. It aims to "help the advertising world get on blockchain." Besides allowing direct, real-time ad settlements between advertisers and publishers, Adshares also allows the creation of ad servers, ad networks, or advertising exchange markets. 

Polkacity, on the other hand, is an NFT marketplace that wants to "revolutionize the ownership of virtual assets" by building the world's first 3D and AR NFT platform that will be on multiple blockchains. Within Polkacity, users can own virtual gas stations, taxis, and services. By holding these assets, users can earn real income. 

With citizens in mind, the core of Polkacity is monetization. Thus, it's only natural that advertising is one of the forces building the virtual world. Citizens, landowners, and asset owners are fundamental for the platform's development since every citizen can become an advertiser or publisher.

Rather than developing a world and then beginning to respond to users' inquiries and requests, the adtech project decided to add an advertising network infrastructure into the platform. They selected Adshares as the "advertising integration partner," enabling them to connect the word of programmatic advertising on the blockchain. 

Digital asset owners in Polkacity can expand their opportunities to monetize their holdings by providing advertising space. At the same time, users will also be able to advertise their digital ownerships and services in various areas in Polkacity based on the Adshares protocol.

Due to this partnership, Adshares will be running the whole system on the backend, while the users in the frontend will see POLC tokens.

SOURCE: Bitcointe