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SuperWorld Teams Up with Vasco Da Gama for NFT Release

SuperWorld Teams Up with Vasco Da Gama for NFT Release

The virtual real estate platform SuperWorld, along with support from BrasilNFT, has partnered with the renowned Brazilian football team, Vasco da Gama, who boast more than 10 million supporters globally.

Vasco will create 10 memorable images from the football club's history to be minted as NFTs and sold on the SuperWorld marketplace. Furthermore, these NFTs will be placed in Augmented Reality (AR) throughout Estádio São Januário, the club's home stadium, to give fans and supporters an immersive experience.

SuperWorld VP of Business Development, Darrell Kong, stated that he's excited to work with Vasco and BrasilNFT to create ways for the club to interact and engage with their supporters. Likewise, representatives from Vasco are also thrilled about the prospects of the club in the Metaverse.

Following SuperWorld and BrasilNFT's successful collaboration and AR activation during Rio Innovation Week in January, they will work together with Vasco to bring new and unique ways to bring exposure to the club, as well as to improve the stadium attendee's sporting experience.

Manoella "Manu" Rangel, the co-founder and Head of Business Development and Institutional Affairs of BrasilNFT, said the following about the partnership:
"We are very excited for this new chapter regarding sports, fan engagement, and innovation. BrasilNFT could not have better partners than Superworld and Vasco to bring together a new way for supporters to appreciate and stand by their teams. The opportunities are endless, and this is just the first step."

SOURCE: PR Newswire