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Boku No Babes announces NFT minting and The Sandbox plans

Boku No Babes announces NFT minting and The Sandbox plans

Boku No Babes has recently announced its official entry into the NFT industry. Users will be able to meet the NFTs made just for them in the metaverse. 2D NFTs will arrive first, while the 3D feature will be launched and made accessible in a mansion in The Sandbox a little later.

The Boku No Babes project aims to allow users to see their NFTs being animated in the metaverse. The lore of Boku No Babes revolves around the Saku Shimai sisters who join forces to create a maid cafe. Their goal is to generate enough customer base and make friends along the way to open their own dream mansion. In this mansion, holders can spend fun times with friends and their NFTs. Furthermore, holders of the NFTs will have various opportunities to earn passive incomes via the vault and by spending time in the mansion.

The team behind Boku No Babes has already acquired the land of the future mansion. The mansion will measure 3,230 square feet with 1,075 square feet per floor. In the beginning, only one floor will be accessible. Since the team of Boku No Babes wants to bring quality products to the holders, they work with a direct partner of Philipp Plein to construct the mansion. 

Boku No Babes Minting

There will be 3,000 NFTs all over the metaverse. However, since they want to keep it relatively low and regular, only 26% of the NFTs will be whitelisted, i.e., Nijikon. Privileged users who become part of the 200 Nijikon will receive discounted minting.

Boku No Babes has several NFT types based on scarcity. These include Dandere, who is very rare and very shy; Kuudere, who is super cool and has a warm personality; Moekko, who is dependent and vulnerable; and Yandere, who is the manager of the Babes Hotel and is very possessive.

SOURCE: Digital Journal