Square Enix Brings Dungeon Siege IP to the Metaverse

Square Enix Brings Dungeon Siege IP to the Metaverse

Square Enix, the Japanese game developer and publisher behind the famous Final Fantasy franchise, has announced their partnership with The Sandbox to bring Dungeon Siege to the metaverse. Dungeon Siege is a legendary RPG IP experience that has sold over 1.7 million copies and produced a series of sequels.

The collaboration between Square Enix and The Sandbox consists of two parts. The first is establishing an interactive piece of land in the metaverse where players can enjoy various experiences, including Dungeon Siege elements. Besides enjoying these experiences, players can also learn how to construct their own Dungeon Siege adventures.

The second part of the collaboration is making voxel elements based on the Dungeon Siege universe to be available for players and creators to incorporate into their own experiences using the native Voxedit and Game Maker utilities. With this integration, users can easily build their own micro-words without having to write code. 

The business development director at Square Enix, Hideaki Uehara, stated that they’re looking forward to seeing the RPG IF coming to life in The Sandbox, powered by the imagination of the fans.

According to BlockBeats, Square Enix declared that it would make a “robust entry” into the blockchain games sector and play-to-earn experiences that include NFT elements. This collaboration with The Sandbox is the company’s first push into a metaverse-based platform.

SOURCE: Bitcoin.com