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The Sandbox and World of Women Teams Up with a $25M fund

The Sandbox and World of Women Teams Up with a $25M fund

In celebration of International Women's Day, The Sandbox metaverse platform has announced a partnership with NFT profile picture project World of Women to start the WoW Foundation. The Sandbox will commit $25 million to the foundation over five years to use toward its long-term mission of helping more women get involved in the NFT space and the metaverse via education and mentorship. 

The WoW Foundation will focus on four main components: creating World of Women 3D interoperable avatars, establishing WoW University, creating the WoW Museum, and developing the WoW Academy project incubator.The 3D interoperable WoW avatars will be based on all 10,000 World of Women profile pictures, which can be used by their respective owners within The Sandbox metaverse. Some of these avatars can be seen today in The Sandbox's public, pre-release "alpha" season 2 test, allowing players to try out a tiny portion of the game world.

The Sandbox has acquired the most expensive WoW NFT, formerly known as WoW #6025 and now known as Aurora. The NFT is called the "Goddess" of the metaverse and is planned to hold an important role in The Sandbox's narrative.

The WoW Museum will be developed on a 2x2 portion of land within The Sandbox and will be used as a hub for the foundation, while the WoW University will be launched to offer educational Web3 lessons and NFT diplomas for students. Finally, the WoW Academy incubator will provide funding, mentorship, and networking for artists and projects. 

With nearly $157 million in secondary trading volume, World of Women is the most successful women-centric NFT project to date. The current floor price for a World of Women NFT is 7 ETH (about $17,8000). The popularity continues to increase significantly as celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, and Eva Longoria show their support for the initiative. 

SOURCE: CoinDesk