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Tanah for sale in Etherland

Torres del Paine National Park is located in southern Chilean Patagonia. One of the largest parks in Chile, it is famous for its changeable weather, beautiful lakes, numerous glaciers, and granite peaks. Established as a national park in 1959, Torres del Paine was later, in 1978, registered as one of UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserves.

  • Tipe Tanah Parcel
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Standar Token ERC-721
  • Alamat Kontrak 0x6601...28da
  • ID Token 295
  • Pemilik 0x2a91...c6a5


The Etherland platform is a combination of interoperable technologies connecting the digital data of internet users with our physical world.

Etherland is hosting the real-estates’ content information on IPFS. As the storage is decentralized on IPFS, it ensures that the uploaded information will remain accessible at any time by anyone for an almost infinite period of time.

As IPFS takes care of the information’s persistence and redundancy, the Etherland Blockchain acts as the stamp that ties the owner to his property’s information while providing a full history of the information’s updates and ownership changes.

  • Nama Dunia VirtualEtherland
  • Blockchain Ethereum

Harga yang ditawarkan