The metaverse's first book launch to take place in Decentraland

The metaverse's first book launch to take place in Decentraland

Decentraland will host the first book launch event inside the metaverse with the official launch of Parallel Metaverses, a book by the founder of China Money Network, Nina Xiang. With the rising popularity of metaverses, companies are now embracing the concept by holding fashion shows, product launch events, developer conferences, and more inside the platforms. 

Nina Xiang's book launch will be the first-ever book launch event in the metaverse. It will feature a virtual author meet-up, a lucky draw where participants can win free copies of the book, and giveaways of Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP) tokens. POAP tokens are tokens on the Gnosis Chain that serve as evidence of having been participating in an event. These tokens are popular in Decentraland events, with more and more users interested in collecting them.

The award-winning journalist and author said that this event is going to be a different book launch event than what she's done in the past. "Three years into the Covid pandemic, authors need to find new ways to connect with readers. I'm excited to meet everyone inside a lovely comfy parcel on Decentraland for a brand new experience that will probably redefine future book events in our 3D virtual world future," says Nina Xiang. 

On Tuesday, Parallel Metaverses: How the US, China, and the Rest of the World was launched online in both paperback and ebook. However, the official book launch, which will be accompanied by a virtual book launch in Decentraland, will be held on 3 April from 9 to 10 am Hong Kong Time. Nina Xiang's avatar will interact with participants and answer questions during the event.

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance