acquire virtual real estate in NFT Worlds acquire virtual real estate in NFT Worlds Corp, a publicly-traded company that invests in Web3 crypto assets and businesses linked to NFTs and Metaverse, just shared that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has purchased virtual real estate in NFT Worlds.

NFT Worlds is a popular decentralized, play-to-earn gaming platform where users can buy virtual land (called World). Those who own Worlds can create their own Metaverse experiences or games for players and exclusive communities within their worlds. The platform uses Minecraft’s server and its open-source ecosystem.

By acquiring real estate in NFT Worlds, Metaverse Group expands and diversifies its eight-figure real estate portfolio. Since NFT Worlds parcels are staking compatible, they give Metaverse Group a new revenue stream. They also provide new opportunities for Metaverse Group, as well as its partners and parties interested in creating a Metaverse presence. As mentioned before, each NFT World is a limitless world that can be transferred into anything one can imagine. It’s a unique platform since it is compatible with Minecraft, decentralized, and massively multiplayer.

The CEO of and Executive Chairman of Metaverse Group, Andrew Kiguel, stated that adding the NFT World parcel to the company’s portfolio diversifies its offering across seven different Metaverses. He also said that the company is pleased to own a parcel compatible with Minecraft.

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance