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What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized, customizable, community-driven, cross-platform, play-to-earn gaming platform. It's made up of 10,000 3D voxel-based, limitless worlds that are playable in Minecraft. Instead of creating its own metaverse, NFT Worlds is developed on top of Minecraft servers with a Polygon-based overlay. Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain offering lower gas fees, or transaction fees, for players.

Built on top of Minecraft, NFT Worlds enjoy various advantages. For example, it offers a set of game controls that Minecraft players are already familiar with.

Since NFT Worlds is compatible with Minecraft, it allows players to access Web3 features like an online shop where they can purchase items for their Minecraft experience using the NFT Worlds native token, $WRLD.

Users can own worlds and develop their own experiences or games for players and communities within their worlds. Owners can transform their worlds into anything they can imagine, from gaming experiences and play-to-earn competitions to hangout spots and venues. Additionally, owners can also lease and monetize their worlds. Users may buy these worlds on NFT marketplaces and import them into Minecraft to play through an NFT World dapp. 

When users make changes to their world, they can sync it to update the NFT's image to reflect the developments they've made. Each world is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and comes with its own visual and in-game experiences, as well as on-chain data and resource info. The geography, environments, resources, and special feature attributes in every world is different, making each world rarer than the next.

History of NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds was founded by developer ArkDev and designer Temptranquil, who are now leading the team. They started the project as an experiment to bring the idea of ownership backed, virtual land to the Ethereum blockchain as a platform. They set the project for two audiences: developers and creators.

Today, the team behind NFT Worlds has grown. The team consists of development, development & community management or social engagement, several community moderators, and verified builder partners.

The team's philosophy is to build an open platform with contributions to the fullest extent possible by the open-source ecosystem. With their core contributors, they've been able to move fast on their plan using this philosophy in mind. The NFT Worlds team also believes that the platform will become a sprawling, decentralized multiplayer ecosystem of many interconnected worlds. They have various plans for the platform. For example, players will be able to warp between their favourite worlds at any time, and each world will have in-game portals to many other worlds.

Since it was founded, NFT Worlds has been performing well and has garnered lots of interest from Minecraft fans and the NFT community alike. The number of players, volume, and transactions continue to increase. In January and February 2022, the average price for an NFT World increased significantly by 10 Ethereum. As of March 2022, over 100 NFT communities and projects have already started developing full-scale metaverses within NFT Worlds.

Types of Property in NFT Worlds

The type of property players can buy in NFT Worlds is World. Purchasing and owning an NFT World allows players to build within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. A single NFT World has a massive size of 3,6 quadrillion square meters.

With its immense size and total control of play mechanics, there are limitless possibilities for what owners can build in their World. Additionally, World owners are given access to all of NFT Worlds' infrastructure, $WRLD token, blockchain layer, interlinked community support and ecosystem, and everything they need to develop a thriving metaverse. Owners can build any experience, game, or structure they can imagine - ranging from role-playing games and Play-to-Earn games to entertainment venues and hangout spots. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities to monetize Worlds and earn real income.

World owners can also rent out their world to communities or individuals who may not be able to afford to buy an NFT World. The NFT Worlds team has a rental system where players can rent a World and all of its ownership access for a set amount of $WRLD per month.

Aside from World, Custom Player Avatars and Wearables are coming to the platform.

Native Tokens Used in NFT Worlds

The native token used in NFT Worlds is the $WRLD token, which is an ERC-20 token deployed on both the Polygon and Ethereum networks. As the primary utility token and the token used when playing in an NFT World, it's used to access exclusive experiences, perks, items, content, and more within NFT Worlds.

The $WRLD tokens are given to the owner of a world a player is playing in, in exchange for specific experience, perks, items, and content as promised by the world owner for a token transaction.

The integration of $WRLD token with NFT Worlds is made in a way that almost any in-game experience, item, perk, or access to content can be created by world owners and requires the token from players within the worlds to access or participate in such content. Moreover, NFT Worlds is planning to implement mechanisms for players to earn the token by playing games in the world. World owners may incentivize players to visit their worlds through free to play games, competitions, etc., then reward players with the token.

In addition, buying optional, custom NFT World character NFTs also require $WRLD. The platform also stated that $WRLD might sometimes be necessary for unannounced global NFT World content and perks.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in NFT Worlds

  1. NFT Worlds use Minecraft and its open-source ecosystem - Bootstrapping the platform with Minecraft gives NFT Worlds various advantages. For example, it has powerful world-building tools through Minecraft client, the MCEdit program, WorldEdit, and more. In addition, it also has immediate access to an already thriving ecosystem of open-source mods, server infrastructure, configurability, and more. This allows for rapid deployment of custom massive-multiplayer experiences on top of the platform's self-hostable servers.
  2. Cross-platform - Another competitive advantage NFT Worlds has that others don't is cross-platform support. Unlike many other metaverses that are only accessible through Windows, macOS, or Linux, NFT Worlds is playable on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  3. NFT renting and staking - Since the developers of NFT Worlds acknowledged that the price of World can be highly prohibitive in the future, they developed a functional algorithm for staking NFT Worlds in exchange for a $WRLD token. They also allow owners to rent out their NFTs, giving a chance for creators and developers to build on top of the world without having to pay a hefty entry fee.