Land For Sale in Nifty Island

Everything you need to know about Nifty Island

What is Nifty Island?

Nifty Island is a gameverse that is open to user-generated content, with user control and ownership at the heart of its design. Users can build their own content, curate and accumulate NFT collectables, and even earn income while enjoying gaming fun and socialising with other users.

From NFT creators and those running a DeFi project to crypto experts and influencers, anyone can participate no matter who they are and where they’re from. Every user of the platform will be granted their own customisable avatars and private islands where they can build whatever they want.

Based on an open social world, users can visit each other’s islands through the world map. Thus, the value of land in Nifty Island is not based on its location on the map. The value of an island in this virtual world will depend on social factors, such as the level of engagement of visitors and the number of users who want to visit the island. This will encourage island owners to build an engaging community with fun stories, experiences, and activities.

History of Nifty Island

Nifty Island was founded by Charles Smith and Zack Pantely in 2021, and the development started in April of the same year. Charles also works as Business Analyst and Zack as Technical Project Lead in the Nifty Island project. Apart from the two team leaders, there are 16 full-time developers and 7 artists working consistently to add more innovative features to Nifty Island.

The team in Nifty Islands focuses on certain aspects in creating the metaverse. One of their main aims is to make the ultimate immersive experience mainstream. They want users from all around the globe to interact with each other and share their own content easily. Moreover, the team wants to become a bridge to connect emergent content on blockchain and the content available on the internet.

Since its beginning, Nifty Island has received major interest from creators, influencers, artists, and the crypto community. It now has over 30,000 followers on Twitter and more than 20,000 followers on Discord. Additionally, the sales volumes of the gameverse’s universe have consistently shown impressive figures. In September 2021, 161 NFTs were sold in 30 days. In October 2021, Nifty Island raised 20 million USD to fund the project.

Types of Property in Nifty Island


Island is a 100 square metres dynamically generated landmass. In the future, there will be ways users can expand the size of their islands. Users can customise islands however they want. They can create anything from an arcade and a stadium to a pyramid. They can also display any NFT collectables they own or simply socialise with friends and strangers on the gameverse. Additionally, users can trade pieces of land. Islands are given for free to every participant upon joining Nifty Islands.

Legendary Palms

There are six tiers of Legendary Palms granted to participants of Nifty Island’s genesis. These NFT collectables give unique powers and sacred items, such as blades and pistols, to the holders. The six Legendary Palms are Iron Palm (the most common type), Bronze Palm, Silver Palm, Gold Palm, Neon Palm, and Ultra Palm (the rarest and most powerful Legendary Palm).

Legendary Palms have some in-game utility, such as higher visibility on the world map, access to the Legendary Palms channel, beta access to the game, exclusive skin for B33 (pet drone), and eligibility.

Sacred Items

There are three types of Sacred Items from Nifty Island’s genesis, including Legendary Pistols, Totems, and Ultra Blades.

  • The Legendary Pistols are one of the first game-ready weapon collections in Nifty Islands. A total of 10,000 Legendary Pistols exist in the virtual world, each one distinctively created and includes an image, a video, and a 3D model. These Legendary Pistols will be a vital tool for players who want to battle in Nifty Island.
  • Totems are community monuments given specifically to the first DAOs, NFT projects, protocols, and gaming communities to enter Nifty Island. There are three types of Totems, including The Socrates Totem, The ETH Globe, and Excalibur.
  • Ultra Blades are the first original weapon NFT to be forged in the Nifty Islands.

Native Tokens Used in Nifty Island

The native token used in Nifty Island is $ISLAND. This blockchain-based token will be used for trading goods and services that the users provide. In addition, this token will also be used to reward users for their contribution to the game.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Nifty Island

  1. Nifty Island is a community-oriented platform – As a community-oriented platform that is open to user-generated content, Nifty Island puts user control and ownership at its core value. This means that you have complete control of your content, and you have the absolute ownership of everything you own on the gameverse.
  2. Everyone gets an island and customisable avatar upon joining – Unlike most other metaverses where you have to buy virtual land to join and earn income, Nifty Island gives islands for everyone for free. It’s up to you how you want to develop the island, whether you want to turn it for profit, earn passive income, or simply hang out with friends. Your island is essentially like your homepage on the gameverse.
  3. Users can keep 100% of their earnings – Unlike some other metaverses and systems where the central organisation running the platform takes a cut, users of Nifty Island get to keep all of the money they earn from the value generated by other users.