Land For Sale in DeHorizon

Everything you need to know about DeHorizon

What is DeHorizon?

DeHorizon is a community-driven metaverse game ecosystem where players can immerse themselves and create, entertain, socialise, and play numerous games with others. There are three games currently in development by DeHorizon: Battleroyale DeTournament, Team Battle DeVerse, and Dragon-racing DeQuidditch. Each game is developed independently but interoperable within the DeHorizon metaverse. In the future, the metaverse is planned to become a virtual carnival open to all users across various chains, allowing them to enjoy numerous different blockchain games and earn the platform's native token, the DEVT token.

For sustainable and interoperable development of its ecosystem, DeHorizon is built on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Chains, while the DEVT token is the ERC-20 token.

DeHorizon will be governed by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The governance will be coded into smart contracts on the blockchain. It cannot be modified unless the community votes to make changes. The community consists of general members and core committee members. Users who want to become the core committee of DeHorizon DAO must stake a certain amount of DEVT to represent their commitment to the project.

History of DeHorizon

The team behind the DeHorizon metaverse is known as the DeHorizon Foundation. The team consists of 33 members who are focused on different aspects of the game, from design and development to marketing. The Founding Director of the project is Shane Zu, who has extensive experience in building startups and business strategies. He is also a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who has been developing NFT projects since 2017. Besides Shane Zu, the founding team of DeHorizon includes Cecilia Maple (Chief Marketing Officer), Todd Porter (Chief Product Officer), Joe Scott (Chief Business Officer), Dr David Chiu (Chief Technology Officer), and CT Zhou (Head of Studio).

DeHorizon was built with the aim to become the next generation metaverse game ecosystem. The team wanted to develop a platform where players can create, socialise, and enjoy blockchain-based games with other players. Their long-term vision is to create a virtual carnival where everyone on the metaverse can enjoy a second life. With the team's experience and knowledge, they are certainly well-versed enough to bring their vision to life.

In October 2021, DeHorizon successfully raised 8.5 million USD Pre-A round led by Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group with Animoca Brands, Mechanism Capital, Yield Guild Games, Gumi Cryptos Capital, Akatsuki Inc, BitScale, Infinity Venture Crypto, Youbi Capital, Bybit, and more.

Types of Property in DeHorizon

DeHorizon has a wide collection of NFTs scattered around the metaverse's games. These include:

  • Capsules - Capsules have power attributes that allow players to unlock abilities. There are four main types of capsules: Fate Capsule, Agility Capsule, Wisdom Capsule, and Strength Capsule. Players can use these capsules in the upcoming DeVerse game.
  • Scattered Parchment Scrolls - There are several types of scattered parchment scrolls, such as The Complete Ark Plan, The Incomplete Betrayal, The Incomplete Grey Forest, and The Incomplete Shaharists.
  • Numen - Numen are important hero NFTs in DeHorizon, including Ranger, Rogue, Adventurer, Alchemist, and Warrior. Each type of Numen has special strengths depending on the situation.
  • DeMeta Pass ID - DeMate Pass ID is an ERC-721 NFT that consists of 6 replaceable attributes and a character profile stored on-chain. It's the first editable, evolvable, and interoperable ERC0721 NFT globally.

In the future, users might be able to purchase land NFTs within DeHorizon's various games. More information will be announced in the near future.

Native Tokens Used in DeHorizon

DEVT is the native token used in DeHorizon. This ERC-20 governance token is used to promote the development of the metaverse. Users who hold and stake DEVT will have the opportunity to join DeHorizon DAO and participate in governance proposals.

The maximum supply of DEVT is 300 million. Over the next five years, the token will be allocated to the platform, token sale, liquidity, team, treasury, islands, community, and marketing and branding. From the total supply of DEVT, 90 million are reserved for the platform's growth.

Aside from DEVT, each game currently in development will have its own native token that acts as in-game currency, such as DVT (DeVerse Token), DQT (DeQuidditch Token), and DTT (DeTournament Token). These in-game tokens will allow players to purchase in-game assets, such as land, equipment, characters, and more. The total supply of these tokens will be based on their growth. The initial supply amount will be 1,000,000,000 tokens.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in DeHorizon

  1. Investments and partnerships with very notable companies - DeHorizon has received funding from big-name backers such as Sfermion, Everest Ventures Group, and Dragonfly Capital. Thus, the project has a lot of potentials to be a great long-term investment for those who are interested in projects related to the metaverse, GameFi, and SocialFi.
  2. Interconnectivity across DeHorizon's ecosystem - What sets DeHorizon apart from most metaverse projects is its focus on interconnectivity across its ecosystem. DeHorizon consists of numerous different games, but the progress across all games is transferable to future titles. This means that the platform offers extra ownership levels and accomplishments for users.
  3. Continuous development - While the team's vision for a fully developed virtual carnival is still in its early stages, we can already see that DeHorizon has a lot of potentials. The team intends to distribute numerous alpha builds before the official release so that they can fine-tune particular aspects of the platform, ensuring that the platform is at its best on the actual launch date.