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What is TreeVerse?

TreeVerse is a 2D, browser-based metaverse created by Loopify. Built in a retro, pixelated style, this virtual world is geared to be a social media platform like Twitter and Discord, with a focus on NFT chatter. However, although its focus is building a solid social system, TreeVerse is also planning to have pets, NPCs, seasonal events, minigames, NFT locked regions, custom public lands, an in-game marketplace, and more. It essentially provides a platform for users to be social while, at the same time, gamifying the experience.

As an open-world, fantasy, social game, users can form communities (known as guilds), slay beasts, forge mighty weapons, lure fishes, and explore deep lore. With a play-to-earn model, Treeverse rewards its users for general MMORPG activities like farming, fighting mobs, and the more social-centric activities such as guild wars. Users can earn the metaverse native currency and assets, which they can exchange for NFTs.

Additionally, TreeVerse allows its users to purchase plots of land, check out other people’s collections, and join guilds. Owning a plot of land in TreeVerse, known as Founders’ Private Plot (FPP), gives users an instance-based home where they can teleport to in the metaverse. Landowners can build their land however they like, design it with their favourite pieces, and display their own NFT artworks. Those who own multiple lands can design bigger homes and even create islands.

History of TreeVerse

The idea of TreeVerse was inspired by Loopify’s original NFT collectable project called NFTrees, which was released on 1 February 2021. The project started with the goal to create a fun and straightforward game for holders. Over time, it changed as the team began to develop a fully web-3 integrated browser-based Metaverse.

On 1 August 2021, Loopify launched 10,420 Founders’ Private Plot NFTs. 10,000 private plots were on sale for 520 USD each and sold out within one hour, while 420 of the plots were allocated to NFTrees holders. The sale of Founders’ Private Plot NFTs allowed the team to go beyond just developing a social MMO and create a full-fledged play-and-earn (PAE) MMORPG. The TreeVerse project then became fully funded after the sale.

Loopify finally launched the first alpha version of TreeVerse on 12 September 2021. This launch was exclusive to the holders of Founders’ Private Plot. The alpha version was a proof concept build where users can join using their MetaMack account on the browser. Users could add friends, speak with other users, and display their NFTs on the wall. After several weeks of alpha bug-fixing and adding more features, TreeVerse is finally open to the public.

In October 2021, the team closed their seed round, valuing TreeVerse at 25 million USD. The round was co-led by IDEO Ventures and Animoca Brands, along with other investors, such as SkyVision Capital and Stani Kulechov.

The team is currently developing the game for Android. They will look at porting the game over to iOS, Mac, and PC soon after their development for Android is finished.

Types of Property in TreeVerse

  • Founders’ Private Plot - Founders’ Private Plot NFTs grant owners access to private homes inside of TreeVerse. Owners can show off the NFT art they have, display their favourite NFTs, and invite their friends to come over and hang out. Since the inception of Founders’ Private Plot, new features have been added. The private homes aren’t on TreeVerse’s map, but users can quickly teleport to their homes if they have Founders’ Private Plot. Those who own multiple Founders’ Private Plots in tiers 2, 5, 10, and 20 can design bigger homes and even islands.
  • NFTrees - NFTrees are unique 60×60 randomly composed pixel trees with custom attributes and rarities. They are ERC 127, so none of them is precisely the same, and users own them on the Ethereum blockchain. Launched on 1 February 2021, NFTrees are the precursor to TreeVerse. There are only 420 NFTrees available.
  • Timeless - Created by the artist VIII, Timeless is an avatar collection that will function as playable characters in the virtual world of TreeVerse. They are high-quality anime PFPs that will give users a unique appearance in the virtual world. There are 5 1/1 custom pieces within the collection, including The Hidden Timeless, The Hatred Timeless, The Natural Timeless, The Glowing Timeless, and The Bred Timeless.

A total of 11,111 Timeless avatars randomly generated from various designed traits will be released. However, there will be no public sales. Instead, on the release date, owners of Founders’ Private Plot NFTs will be given the option to claim an avatar for a mint price of 0.222 ETH. All NFTrees are also associated with a Timeless avatar, and those who own NFTrees will be able to mint an avatar for free. In addition, some Timeless avatars will go to the TreeVerse treasure, which will be used to reward community participants, team members, and event rewards. 

Native Tokens Used in TreeVerse

At least two native tokens will be used in TreeVerse: $ROOT and $SEED. Both will be ERC20 tokens, but they will serve different purposes. The $ROOT token is planned to be the governance token of TreeVerse. On the other hand, the $SEED token will be the token that users can earn by playing.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in TreeVerse

  1. TreeVerse is backed by great investors – TreeVerse has a lot of good investors. The team recently closed their seed round, valuing the game at 25 million USD. One of the big names that TreeVerse has as an investor is Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based software and venture capital company for games like The Sandbox and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Animoca Brands has also licensed applications and games for numerous big names and brands, such as Snoop Dogg, Manchester City FC, and Atari.
  2. Continuous development – The TreeVerse team continues developing and improving their gameplay, and so far, the development has been positive. We can see that the funds the team have raised are put into the right place by comparing TreeVerse’s early look in August 2021 to the improved version in October 2021.
  3. Opportunities to earn passive income – There are many ways landowners and users can earn passive income from TreeVerse. Due to its play-and-earn model, users can earn tokens just by playing the game.