Land For Sale in Bit.Country

Everything you need to know about Bit.Country

What is Bit.Country?

Bit.Country is a community-driven decentralised world where everyone can essentially start their own metaverse and have opportunities to earn money with their 3D world, map, games, economics, and governance. It’s bringing a new level of social interaction, combining 2D social media and 3D gaming platforms with VR visualisation together. Users won’t only be allowed to have their own NFT galleries with marketplaces but also their own rules, formats, tokens, and community governance.

To maximise its power, Bit.Country is built on, a metaverse version of Ethereum with low gas fees. The platform will exist in two dimensions: traditional web view and additional 3D View. The traditional web view is planned to serve for content creation and as a portal for residency, governance, services, marketplace, staking, and more. The additional 3D View, on the other hand, will be effective for running events and interacting with the virtual world in a futuristic way.

The place where users can build their bit country is called Continuum, a map of metaverses with a limited number of coordinates. The community members will completely determine the future of the Continuum.

History of Bit.Country

Bit.Country was founded in March 2021 by Ray Lu and Shannon C, experienced developers from Auckland, New Zealand. The virtual world was born from the idea to give everyone an opportunity to build their own community, where bit country owners can set their own rules and formats to incentivise followers and contributors. They aim to create a network that can bring real-world impact.

Since its founding, Bit.Country has received tremendous interest from large community owners, projects, visionaries, and organisations who want to launch their own metaverses for their people. In May 2021, Bit.Country raised 4 million USD in its first round of funding and secured partnerships with some notable metaverse enthusiasts. Among the participants of the funding event were blockchain-gaming industry leaders, Web3 pioneers, influencers, and other metaverse supporters from around the globe. One of the major investors in this funding round is Animoca Brands, a unicorn in blockchain gaming that has developed several blockchain games like The Sandbox and CryptoKitties.

In November 2021, Bit.Country sold 1 million USD worth of private land blocks to reputable brands. In addition, over 6000 metaverse fans signed up for their live demo day season in late 2021.

Types of Property in Bit.Country

As of late, there’s only one type of property that users can buy in Bit.Country: land blocks.

Land in Bit.Country is the capacity of a metaverse, just like the RAM in a computer. Users only need one land block and a small transaction fee in order to launch their own metaverse with their 3D world, Google Map-alike map, marketplace, and DAO. In addition, the dApp store will provide Grow2Earn missions and games that users can deploy to their worlds.

Users can subdivide one single land block up to a maximum of 100 individual units. Alternatively, they can also be grouped to form larger estates.

It’s up to the owner to build their land blocks however they like. They have permission to develop their land using voxel blocks or 3D objects. There are many ways owners can earn income from their land blocks, including land staking.

Each block in Bit.Country comes with a topic, and the content inserted into the block has to correspond to it. Since users can visit block-neighbours, it makes sense to put blocks with similar topics side by side. That’s why there’s a Good Neighbourhood Protocol, which allows existing block owners to decide what they would like to have as their neighbour.

Native Tokens used in Bit.Country

  • NUUM (Network Currency) - NUUM is the native coin of the entire platform of Bit.Country, as well as the coin for the protocols. Users can use this coin to stake for security and healthy platform, gas fee for transactions, advertising and promotions, purchase virtual dApp from the store, trade on the marketplace, currency exchange, trade BIT, and mint social tokens. Additionally, it’s also the universal currency to purchase resources within the platform, such as Land Blocks.
  • BIT (In-Game Token) - The metaverse within Bit.Country is built and energised with BIT, which is why the platform is called Bit.Country. BIT is mined, and those who own land within the platform have BIT mining power. The total land units and the level of the metaverse in which the land belongs determine the user’s mining power.

In order to distribute the calculated amount of BIT based on the user’s mining power, Bit.Country runs regular campaigns. During this campaign period, users can do different tasks to earn BIT. Also, staking may help them earn BIT.

$BIT can be used to upgrade certain objects within land blocks and is consumed when users create objects on their land.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Bit.Country

  1. Anyone can own a metaverse in Bit.Country – Compared to other blockchain virtual worlds like Decentraland and The Sandbox, Bit.Country allows anyone to create their own metaverses, which can be a lot more powerful than just having virtual real estate.
  2. Bit.Country token is used for gas fees – Unlike most other in-game tokens, the Bit.Country native tokens can also be used for gas fees.
  3. Available on both the web and desktop – Bit.Country is available on both the web and desktop with high resolution and fidelity, making it easier for anyone to access their metaverse.