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What is Matrix World?

Matrix World is a next-generation decentralized open world that allows users to interact and build 3D immersive applications on top of several blockchains. With Matrix’s built-in computational resources, users can utilize traditional 3D open-world features, such as hosting virtual meetings, building 3D architecture, exhibiting NFTs, and more advanced functionality, including hosting and creating 3D decentralized applications (DApps). The DApps may include 3D marketplaces, 3D games, and more.

Matrix World is made up of lands, which are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that last indefinitely on blockchain networks, such as Flow and Ethereum. This means that the lands are tradeable and transferable through blockchain networks, and landowners can have complete control over their Land and the creations on it. Moreover, the Lands can be bound to a sandbox in the Matrix Network that comes with its own compute and storage resources. 

Thanks to these resources, landowners and creators can govern the visual appearance, inner appearance, and lifecycle logic of the creations on the Land, which will result in the production of an immersive 3D application that can operate in perpetuity in the Matrix World cyberspace.

History of Matrix World

The Matrix Labs was founded in 2017. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the team consists of more than fifty experienced staff worldwide. The core members of the Matrix Labs first met in the Ethereum ecosystem in 2017. The team started as a group of students, tutors, and professors from well-known universities in Canada.

As long-term builders in blockchain and the decentralized world, the team wants to help bring developers from all across the globe into the metaverse and grow the blockchain community. They also want to empower people and change the way the world works by expanding the influence of blockchain technology. 

The team’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the boundaries between blockchains and establish a next-generation 3D open-world DApp platform on top of Matrix World, allowing for infinite possibilities and opportunities in the metaverse.

Since the project’s official launch in October 2021, the project has gone through numerous developments. These include over 7 million USD in secondary market-trading volume, feature upgrades, and notable partnerships. Phanta Bear, Dapper Labs, The Flow blockchain, and many more have also announced plans to build in the Matrix World. 

In February 2022, the team raised 5.5 million USD in angel-round funding led by Tess Ventures, Everest Ventures Group, Com2Us Group, and Y2Z Ventures. About 17 companies participated in this angel round, including Dapper Labs, Animoca Brands, Bonfire, MatchA, and more.

Types of Property in Matrix World

The type of property users can purchase in Matrix World is Land NFTs known as Matrix Land.

Matrix Land is the smallest territorial unit in Matrix World, which comes with finite computation and storage resources. It is represented as a tradeable NFT token on several blockchains. For example, it is an on-chain Flow resource on Flow and an ERC-721 token in Ethereum. To prove the ownership of a square of Land in the early stages of Matrix World, owners get a certificate NFT called Land Voucher. Owners can trade their Land Voucher in marketplaces to trade ownership.

Each plot of Land in Matrix World is 30x30 meters or 99x99 feet. There is a height limitation, but community members and partners may apply for extra height for special cases. When a user purchases more than one Land, they can choose to merge the lands into a Space to get more extensive construction and more complex application development. Merging lands will also merge the computational resources and storage of the lands. Besides combining multiple lands, owners who buy more than one Land can also split it and sell it in parts.

There are a number of things landowners can do with their Land. Landowners have complete control over the creations on their Land, and they are free to trade and transfer their Land via blockchain networks. They can utilize the traditional 3D open-world features that Matrix World provides, such as hosting virtual meetings, building 3D architectures, and exhibiting NFTs. Furthermore, they can take advantage of more advanced functionality, such as developing their own 3D decentralized Applications (DApps) using the built-in computational resources of Matix World.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Matrix World

  1. Great partnerships and investments - Matrix World has established notable project partnerships with numerous leading companies, such as Dapper Labs, Mask Network, Flow blockchain, ChainIDE, and more. Its partnership with Flow makes it the first metaverse project in the Flow ecosystem. Furthermore, it has a range of impressive investors, such as Tess Ventures, Everest Ventures Group (EVG), Y2Z Ventures, Animoca Brands, Sky9 Capital, Hash Global, and more.
  2. The first virtual world to run on different blockchain networks - Matrix World is the first open virtual world project that runs on various blockchain networks simultaneously. At the moment, the system supports both Ethereum and Flow, but the team has plans to include more blockchain networks in the future.
  3. Highly experienced team - The team behind Matrix World has extensive experience with metaverse, blockchain games, and middleware. They also collaborate with ChainIDE and co-hosted the Metaverse Bootcamp.