Land For Sale in Crypto Unicorns

Everything you need to know about Crypto Unicorns

What is Crypto Unicorns?

Crypto Unicorns is a game built on the Ethereum blockchain that is centered around unique 3D Unicorn NFTs. The Unicorns can be used in a farming simulation and a number of battle loops. Besides Unicorn NFTs, players can also purchase Land NFTs and upgrade them over time. 

The Land NFTs are central to the farming gameplay. By owning a Land NFT, players can build fully customizable buildings, including Farm, Stables, Workshop, Nursery, and Gathering Cart. Since Unicorns love to help out around the farm, players may put them to work to craft materials to upgrade buildings and increase the productive output of their Land. Players will be able to create neighborhoods by bringing their individual Land NFTs together with guildmates for highly social real-time gameplay.

In addition to the farming gameplay, Crypto Unicorns also has various other gameplays, including Jousting, Racing, Team RPG Battle, and more. Over time, each game type will make use of different Unicorn skills. For instance, an excellent racing unicorn might not be a terrific jouster but will excel in the racing game. In order to participate, players will have to pay entry fees using the Crypto Unicorns native token: the Rainbow Token ($RBW).

The developers of Crypto Unicorns try to design a blockchain-based economy that is completely sustainable. The lands within the game will nurture existing unicorns and the birth of a new generation of unicorns. Thus, the lands will increase, and the games will get even more intense and competitive.

History of Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is developed by Laguna Games, a game development studio that consists of 57 industry veterans from across the globe. The key team of Laguna Games includes Aron Beierschmitt (Co-Founder/CEO), Steven Garcia (Co-Founder/CTO), Brian Akaka (CMO), Chris Bourdon (COO), and nine other experienced professionals. 

Crypto Unicorns is the team's first digital nation. In developing the game, the team envisioned an ever-expanding universe of game loops interconnected with the core farming loop. For a long time, the team has developed Free-to-Play games (F2P), but they want to move away from F2P and its extractive nature in order to foster and nurture community-run game economies. Their goal is to embrace the core fundamental ideas of player ownership. They believe that the game will introduce millions of new gamers across the globe to the advantages of in-game asset ownership and the larger Web3 movement.

The Crypto Unicorns project was announced by Laguna games with a 5 million USD investment in October 2021. The seed rounds were mainly led by Bitcraft ventures and Delphi Digital with secondary associates such as Headline Ventures, Transcend Funds, and Polygon studios. In March 2022, Crypto Unicorns Nets 26 million USD in token sales led by metaverse firm TCG and venture capital Backed VC. Delphi Digital, BITKRAFT Ventures, Infinity Venture Crypto, CoinFund, Polygon Studios, BereederDAO, ACME Capital, and Emfarsis also participated in the token sale. These participants are going to play a "key" role in future governance decisions.

Types of Property in Crypto Unicorns

Land NFTs

Land NFTs represent the overall engine of the Unicorn economy and are the central point of farming gameplay. There are 3 different land rarities, including:

  1. Common Land has 9 different types, one for each Unicorn Class. When a player uses a Unicorn of the same class as the Land, they receive buffs that can make gathering, harvesting, and crafting more efficient. The total maximum supply of Common Land is 900,000.
  2. Rare Land has 3 different types, one for each class group. Any unicorn within an entire class group will get buffs in Rare Land. Thus, players have more options when seeking ways to maximize their farming operations. Rare Land has a 90,000 maximum supply.
  3. Mythic Land is the rarest and most valuable type of Land NFTs. It comes in only one type and buffs all 9 classes. Therefore, it buffs all Unicorn classes. The total supply of Mythic Land is 10,000.

Players are expected to purchase Land from their preferred class or class group of Unicorns to allow them to build a competitive and efficient farming operation. Players can buy and stitch together adjacent Land NFTs to enjoy adjacency bonuses. Additionally, players can bring their Land NFTs together with guildmates, which allows them to optimize for shared adjacency bonuses and collectively maximize their productive output. It will also enable highly social gameplay.

The Land NFTs are fully customizable, with various productive buildings available. The key buildings available for players are:

  1. Farm Plots can be used to plant seeds to grow berries. These berries are used in breeding, crafting, and evolution.
  2. Stables can be upgraded to increase the number of Unicorns that can be put to work on their Lands.
  3. Nursery is the place to breed, hatch, and evolve Unicorns.
  4. Gathering Cart allows players to send their Unicorns on gathering quests and collect numerous rewards when they return.
  5. Workshop allows players to assign their Unicorns to craft items from a list of potential recipes.

Unicorn NFTs

Crypto Unicorns has a collection of 10,000 Unicorn NFTs. There were only 10,000 genesis eggs sold to early community members. These eggs are the foundation of Crypto Unicorns' economy.

In order for the Crypto Unicorns multiverse to grow and thrive, the original 10,000 Unicorns have to breed. Players can breed their Unicorns using Rainbow Tokens, Unicorn Milk, and Normal Berries. When players breed two adult Unicorns, the newly-created Unicorn egg will get the parents' genes. Every Unicorn can breed up to eight times to help control supply.

Aside from the 10,000 genesis eggs, there are also 99 Limited Edition experimental Unicorn eggs that hatch into unique 1/1 Unicorns. These Unicorns are planned to be tied to prizes for community contests and winning events.

All Unicorns come in nine different classes, which are divided into six primary classes and three hidden classes. The six primary classes include Heart, Cloud, Flower, Candy, Crystal, and Moon. The three hidden classes are Rainbow, OmNom, and Star. Besides classes, Unicorns also have unique genetic identities, which include parts and genes. While parts provide Unicorns with unique visual traits, the genes determine the scores or stats for each type of gameplay. In total, each Unicorn comes with 6 parts and 18 genes. These Unicorns start their lifecycle as eggs, hatch into babies, and evolve into adults. Players are free to evolve their Uniforms from their baby form to their adult form whenever they want. Only adult Unicorns can breed.

Native Tokens Used in Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns has two native tokens. These includes:

Rainbow Token ($RBW)
Rainbow Token ($RBW) is the primary value token for Crypto Unicorns multiverse. The token has a number of uses for its holders, including (but are not limited to):

  1. Buy high-value items, boosters, and materials from the Rainbow Marketplace
  2. Stake to vote on DAO governance and earn staking rewards
  3. Breed and evolve Unicorns
  4. Pay entry fees for Racing, Jousting, and Battle Tournaments.

The goal of the Rainbow Token is to decentralize the ownership and governance of the Crypto Unicorns Treasury and IP.

Unicorn Milk (UNIM)
Unicorn Milk or UNIM is an ERC-20 token that players can use to craft high-value items and boosters, as well as to breed and evolve their Unicorns. This currency can be earned by competing in events and tournaments. It is burned and removed from the supply when it is used.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Crypto Unicorns

  1. Notable partnerships - The Crypto Unicorns project is backed by notable investors such as BITKRAFT, Delphi Digital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Transcend, and Polygon Studios. They have also partnered with a number of "PlayerDAOs" to build long-term connections with key players in the blockchain gaming space. These include GuildFi, Loot Squad, IndiGG, YGG Sea, and PathDAO, among others.
  2. Great prospects - Since its first introduction, Crypto Unicorns has shown incredible prospects, particularly in terms of profit. The project was introduced with a 5 million USD investment in October 2021. Not long after, in March 2022, it netted 26 million USD in token sales. The community also grows significantly. As of February 2022, just four months after its introduction, the Crypto Unicorns already gained over 21,000 Twitter followers and more than 29,000 Discord members. The project is likely to achieve bigger milestones in the future.
  3. Extensive roadmap - Crypto Unicorns' roadmap is interesting and expansive. The developers focus on designing great gameplay and creating a self-sustainable community. In the near future, the developers are releasing its three first games, including Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG. Additionally, the team has also planned how these games will drive Crypto Unicorns' economy.