Land For Sale in Farmland

Everything you need to know about Farmland

What is Farmland?

Farmland is a decentralized yield farming game running on Arbitrum and secured by Ethereum. The goal of the game for players is to create the most profitable farm in the world. There are 57 million square kilometers of LAND within the game, which are required for those who want to play the game. Landowners can build their farms, grow, and harvest crops on their land. The more land players own, the bigger their farm and the crops they'll yield. 

After acquiring land, players can immediately grow CORN, which will continue to grow at 0.00000001 per block before a boost for each Land token allocated to their farm. The crops need to be monitored on a regular basis because once they are fully grown, they will stop growing. Thus, players need to harvest them before the crops can continue growing. As the farm matures, the productivity increases up to a maximum of 3 times. The maturity boost begins to increase around 24 hours after players have allocated their LAND to a farm and fully matures after approximately 28 days.

Players can boost the productivity of their farm up to a maximum of 10 times by using the fertilizer they got from composting crops. The compost boost is relative to all other farms and degrades over time as other farms compost their crops and use it as a fertilizer.

History of Farmland

Farmland was introduced in December 2020 and was launched on the Ethereum Mainnet in January 2021. During the launch, the game ran in slow-mo to help manage the risk of smart contract problems in the early days. Initially, the maximum size of farms was limited to 1,000 in order to allow early adopters to enjoy the game with tangible assets on the main net while also minimizing their financial risk. The game was launched with a liquidity mining program on Balancer pool using a safe pool offering led by DeFiStarter. 

Later in 2021, Land was launched on Arbitrum One, and farmers could bridge their Land to L2 and enjoy instant transactions with cheaper fees. Farmland also introduced corn farming, characters NFT, and Moonshine Saloon in 2021. 

A lot of features and updates are coming in 2022, such as Farmland Quest, Farmland Animals, Farmland Tractors NFT and Racing Game, and more.

Types of Property in Farmland

There are several types of properties players of Farmland can purchase, sell, and trade. These include:

Those who want to play Farmland need to own Land, which is comparable to real farmable land. There is only 57,706,752 total land supply in both L1 and L2 layers of the Ethereum network. Players need land to build their farms and grow and harvest their CORN. There's only so much players can grow from a particular property, and there's no limit on how much land a player can own. The more land players own, the bigger their farm and the crops they'll yield. 

At the time of writing, players can only grow CORN on their farms. However, there are plans for future improvements to the game. For example, players will be able to use their land to grow additional crops, such as RICE, WHEAT, COFFEE, etc. Each crop will have different growing cycles, boosts, and growth rates. There are also plans for different types of commodities like mining for GOLD and OIL to be available in the land. 

Aside from the ability to grow CORN, owning land will also give players Maturity Boost, which is part of the 'Farm boost' multiplier that affects how fast a player can grow CORN. In addition to the Maturity Boost, there's also the Compost Boost, which players will receive by composting their CORN into their land to increase the soil quality. 

At the time of writing, CORN is the only crop that players can grow on their Farm. Players can see their growing CORN in their address's CORN balance or in the 'CROPS' quadrant of their Farm tab. 

CORN is cultivated in seasons, and once the season is gone, players will no longer be able to plant CORN on their farms. Following the allocation of LAND, a 'Growing season countdown' timer will appear in the 'STATISTICS' quadrant of the Farm tab. This will display the number of days until players' current growth season ends. At this stage, players should harvest their CORN. If they don't harvest their CORN, their farm will stop producing CORN until they harvest it.

After harvesting their CORN, players can compost it to fertilize their farm and increase future yields, hold it to stockpile for future events like upcoming quests, and sell all or part of it to other farmers. Players can also take their CORN and provide liquidity with it to earn a yield on their liquidity. 

Farmland Characters
Farmland Characters are NFTs that players can buy and/or mint on the AETH blockchain. Players can employ the characters to do various tasks on their farms. Additionally, character NFTs also provide boosts to farms. 

By employing farmland characters as farmers on their farms, players will get a permanent +10% CORN composting boost. However, this isn't stackable, meaning only the first farmer NFT will give players the extra bonus. Furthermore, employing character NFTs will provide players with' farms a massive boost to the total Maturity Multiplier. In the future, character NFTs will come with expansions to the game in the form of new professions, such as trainers, animal handlers, miners, and explorers.

Every farmland character NFT comes with stats, which include Stamina (STA), Speed (SPD), Strength (STR), Intelligence (INT), and Courage (CRG). These stats impact how effective a character is doing specific tasks.

Native Tokens Used in Farmland

At the time of writing, Farmland doesn't have any native token yet.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Farmland

  1. Comprehensive roadmap - Farmland has an exciting and expensive roadmap ahead. New updates and features that will significantly enhance the game are currently in the works. For example, there are numerous planned expansions, such as mining, farm animals, tractor racing, and expeditions.
  2. The first of its kind - Farmland is one of the first decentralized yield farming games available today. There is potential for the project to get bigger and better over time.
  3. Owning land gives players opportunities to earn money - Players can sell their CORN for real money. The CORN profit generated by Land depends on how much Land they have, the character NFTs they assigned, and how well they manage their harvests and other game elements.