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What is FLUF World - Burrows?

FLUF World is a metaverse ecosystem of NFT character collectibles and a global creative community. It is home to 10,000 high-resolution 3D programmatically-generated animated rabbits on the blockchain called Fluf. Besides the cool animated rabbits, FLUF World also consists of several other NFT collections. These include Thingies, Party Bear, Scenes & Sounds, Seekers, and Burrows.

Burrows are customizable virtual real estate in the FLUF world set to bring interaction, breeding, and land ownership for the animated rabbit avatars. There are only 10,500 Burrows available in the metaverse, making them a scarce asset. Each Burrow comes with different tiers, traits, and features, which are randomly distributed at the time of mint. Owning a burrow is required for players who want to breed their Flufs. Burrows are also central to activating the utility of FLUF World's other collections. They unlock VR gaming, interaction with friends, tokenomics, and breeding, to name a few.

There are numerous types of Burrows players can choose, depending on what they're looking for. From a bachelor burrow and a party pad to a place to raise Fluflets, FLUF World Burrows are created to give players comfort and enjoyment. Each Burrow is expertly-designed in partnership with Imery Watson, a veteran concept designer and artist from the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy who has an impressive portfolio.

History of FLUF World - Burrows

New Zealand-based Non-Fungible Labs is the creative studio that created FLUF World. Founded in 2021 in Auckland, the creative studio is working on progressing a range of real-world applications for NFTs with the motive to encourage the creativity of the world.

The core team of FLUF World consists of 10 experienced people, including two directors, two founders, three developers, and one musician. The project started in early May 2021, scaled up in late May and early June and culminated in the mint on 8 August of the same year.

Since its beginning, the project has received tremendous support and growth. It even created an online frenzy in a matter of hours. Among the first to own the NFT collections are NFT VC investor G Money and American DJ Steve Aoki. Dan Carter, the legendary retired All Black, is also among the most famous people to own the NFT. Today, FLUF World has secured numerous partnerships from prominent names, such as CarbonClick, Beyond, Sylo, and more.

FLUF World Burrows is made in collaboration with the award-winning New Zealand-based game studio, Beyond. This game studio has a mission to bring VR to the masses. They bring the future of fun to life by blending the latest immersive technology with an intuitive social plan.

Various ambitious plans for FLUF Worlds are currently in the works, such as mobile versions for Android and iOS, Burrow traits, PC and VR versions, and cross-platform compatibility.

Types of Property in FLUF World - Burrows

Burrows are the virtual real estate of FLUF World. There are 10,500 Burrows with randomly-distributed traits, tiers, and features in the metaverse. These Burrows are created to bring interaction, breeding, and landownership to players' metaverse experience. 

There are four types of Burrows players can own, including:

  1. The Den - This is an entry-level Burrow with a minimalist design. It contains a master bedroom, kitchen, living area, one land parcel, and future small-scale guest interactivity.
  2. The Suite - The spacious and luxurious Suite is a mid-level burrow. It comes with a master bedroom, kitchen, lounge, art gallery, hot tub, stunning view of the Great Tree, four land parcels, and future mid-scale guest interactivity.
  3. The High Rolla - This is the presidential Burrow suitable for Flufs who love to party. It comes with numerous facilities, including a master bedroom, kitchen, living space, walk-in wardrobe, balcony overlooking the Great Tree, large hot tub, large art gallery, private nightclub, elevator, nine land parcels, and future large-scale guest interactivity.
  4. Studio Snoop Dogg - This is Snoop Dogg's custom, highly limited Burrow. It has a master bedroom, kitchen, living space, walk-in wardrobe, balcony overlooking the Great Tree, large hot tub, large art gallery, elevator, private nightclub, 16 land parcels, future large-scale guest interactivity, and even a production studio.

Flufs are FLUF World's genesis collection of 10,000 3D animated rabbit avatars. Stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, these rabbits are programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories. Thus, each one is unique by at least three degrees of separation. Each Fluf comes with a mixture of traits, features, and eccentricities, which distinguish and connect them to others all at the same time. Owners can customize their Flufs using assets from FLUF World's Scenes and Sounds collection. Flufs give owners access to digital connectivity, exclusive content, experiences, and more. Furthermore, Flufs can be downloaded in MP4, PNG, and GIF formats, with 3D models coming soon.

Thingies are described as fluffy, spider-like ancient creatures that live deep in the underground. Each Thingie's fur is a vibrant, unique, abstract art generated by AI. They're Flufs' companions and will have their own special part to play. They were initially free to mint for Fluf owners, but those who missed it can get them through third-party marketplaces. 

Party Bears
Party Bears are a digital collection of randomly generated bears. They are animated and fully rigged assets that come with a scene and an audio track. There are 9,669 bears in FLUF World, and each one of them is stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These bears are completely unique out of trillions of potential combinations. Owners of Party Bears also own their commercial rights. These animated bears are fully customizable, allowing their owners to change the way it looks and feels using hundreds of FLUF World's assets, scenes, and sounds. 

Scene and Sounds
The Scene and Sounds collection enable players to customize their Flufs with different backgrounds and music. The collection is said to have a hidden utility that will be revealed in the future.

Seekers are metaverse-ready 3D animated companion bots that help players' avatars to explore, discover, and communicate in FLUF World.

Native Tokens Used in FLUF World - Burrows

At the time of writing, FLUF World doesn't have any native token yet. The team announced that they would release the Mycelium token in the future. This token will fuel adventures and experiences in the FLUF World.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in FLUF World - Burrows

  1. Customization and intelligence - One of the best things about FLUF World's NFT collections are that they are highly customizable. For example, players can use their Burrows for whatever they want and customize them to their liking. Players can also add backstory, names, music, and backgrounds to their Flufs. Furthermore, the team behind FLUF World is collaborating with Altered State Machine to add intelligence into Flufs so that they can interact with you and other players on your behalf autonomously.
  2. Breeding - Owners can breed their Flufs to create Fluflets with combined parents' traits. Breeding Flufs won't only affect the avatars but also their whole worlds and gameplays.
  3. Great team and solid community - Besides the amazing technology developed by Non-Fungible Labs, FLUF World is developed and supported by a professional team that transparently handles issues and challenges. From what we've observed so far, the team is committed to an expansive roadmap, as well as their active community engagement. The project is also supported by an active community on Discord.