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What is BYOLand?

BYOLand is the land of BYOVerse, a blockchain-based open-world gaming metaverse. BYO is short for Blue, Yellow, and Orange and hints at an alternate reality. Within the BYOVerse, users will find a number of NFTs, including BYOPills, BYOLand, Apostles, BYOVape, and BYOCraft. Each one of these NFTs plays an important part in the BYOVerse, with BYOPills as the most central part of the metaverse.

BYOLand is a finite resource, with only 10,056 land parcels will be available in the BYOVerse. Each BYOLand is unique and abundant, with different terrains and resources created by users’ BYOPill. BYOPill is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D pills that cause environment alteration in 3D space on BYOLand. The BYOPill users choose to mint in their BYOLand, which will change its terrain and the resources it provides. Thus, shaping the future of the BYOVerse.

The economy of the 3D virtual world will be powered by $TRYP. This token is generated by holding an Apostle.

History of BYOLand

BYOLand is developed by BYO Studios, which consists of professionals experienced in the VR/AR space since 2015 for the biggest brands in the world. The team started with three people, including Dr. Ether Jay, George the Cook, and P.ether. Dr. Ether Jay is the co-founder and lead software engineer who has over 8 awards spanning from AI to game and blockchain development. George the Cook is the CEO and Creative Director, and P.ether is an NFT collector and enthusiast who has reported on the space since 2017 and is leading the project’s strategy. Today, the team has grown, with Jetheca added to the core team working on the art aspect of the project.

The project started in mid-2021 and has since gained lots of interest and popularity among the NFT and crypto community. BYOVerse has also secured numerous partnerships, including with Lost Boy, Galaxy Fight Club, Legends of Venari, The Red Village, Chibi Clash, NFT2040, WonderQuest & Decentraland, SciArt Lab, and Council of Kingz.

Popular Areas in BYOLand

There are currently 16 zones that have been disclosed by the team via the recent metadata update for the BYOLand. These include No Man’s Land, Desolate Dunes, Amazonia, The Harbour, Lumia, Atlas Mountains, Radioactive Swamp, Volcan, Astroverse, The Mine, Bone Valley, Nebula, Frigid Plains, Cloud10, Komo Caves, and Oblivion Void. These zones have different rarity levels, with No Man’s Land as the most common and Oblivion Void as the rarest.

Types of Property in BYOLand

There are several types of NFTs within the BYOEcosystem. These include:

BYOLand is the land parcels in BYOVerse that users can own. With only 10,056 parcels available in the metaverse, BYOLand is a scarce asset. Each land is unique, with different terrains and resources that users’ BYOPill creates. The terrain and resources BYOLand provides will be altered by the BYOPill players choose to mint. As such, BYOLand and BYOPill will shape the future of the BYOVerse. Here’s how BYOPill affects BYOLand:

  1. Pill Top affects BYOLAnd’s terrain, allowing players to mine resources that are primarily used for crafting.
  2. Pill Ingredient affects the resources cultivated in BYOLand. Thus, users can gather these resources primarily for consumption.
  3. The Sum of all users’ Trip Effect Levels affects the prosperity of their land and the number of resources the land can provide in any given timeframe.

BYOLand has numerous utilities. For example, the land will provide resources that users can gather and use. Scavengers exploring the BYOVerse will be able to get resources from other users’ lands as well, but they’ll have to pay tax to the landowners.

Land in BYOVerse is also upgradeable and customizable, so users can create their own base to protect their resources from scavengers or upgrade their land to make harvesting more efficient. Building, tending, or interacting with BYOLand also allows owners to earn $TRYP.

In the private sale, users need to own a BYOPill and BYOVape. Having one of each makes users eligible for one BYOLand. In the public launch, a pill or vape isn’t required to purchase land.

BYOPIlls is the main part of BYOVerse. It acts as different types of consumables that give owners ability to boost, power-ups, and/or visual effects across virtual worlds and blockchain games. Owners of BYOPill also have access to various future drops, such as BYOVerse in-game, utility-driven 3D assets, merch, and more. As the core of the metaverse, BYOPills power everything in the BYOVerse, allowing users to craft consumable versions of their pill.

Apostles are 3D avatars that represent users’ identities in metaverses. They also act as playable characters in other blockchain games in the future. There are four different rarity tiers of Apostles. These include Goddess, Ancient, Psychonaut, and Voyager. Each tier comes with a different utility and has advantages that improve users’ experience in the BYOVerse.

BYOKey grants one access to the Apostle’s armory. Users can claim Genesis Apostles by using a BYOKey with an unclaimed BYOPill.

BYOVape is a biological verification tool. Since everything in the BYOVerse is BYOEncrypted, users have to inhale their BYOPill through the BYOVape. Inhaling the BYOVape gives users access to certain areas of the BYOVerse.

Native Tokens Used in BYOLand

TRYP is the native token of BYOVerse. It will be an ERC-20 utility/governance token that users can claim by staking BYOLand and Apostles pre-world launch. In post-world launch, holders of TRYP will be able to claim more rewards if they stake the TRYP token, interact with the BYOVerse and reach milestones, win tournaments, and through user-generated content projects. The total supply of $TYRP will never exceed 270,000,000.

Users can use TYRP for NFT drops, participate in certain events, upgrade and customize their Apostles, craft and forge new items in the BYOVerse, and create new NFTs.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in BYOLand

  1. BYOLand is a finite resource - There will only be 10,056 BYOLand parcels in the BYOVerse. Each of the lands will be unique, with its own terrains and resources that are altered by BYOPill users choose to mint. 
  2. BYOLand gives you many benefits - Owning a BYOLand will provide you with numerous benefits. For instance, owners will receive 15% of resources gathered from their land by scavengers. It also gives owners access to the BYOVerse, whether or not they own an Apostle.
  3. BYOLand helps you earn $TRYP - By simply interacting and tending BYOLand, owners can earn BYOVerse’s future utility/governance token. This means that BYOLand can be used as a source of income.