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Everything you need to know about Cradles

What is Cradles?

Cradles: Origin of Species, or simply Cradles, is the first blockchain-based prehistoric metaverse. What makes it unique is that entropy in this play-to-earn MMORPG increases with time, just like in the real world. As players within the metaverse build towns, learn new technologies, and reach a certain level of governance, the in-game civilisation will develop the virtual world through era progression. For example, from the Triassic age to the Jurassic age.

Players of Cradles start the game as a ‘NewMan’ born in the Triassic age, which is a time period that took place around 251 to 199 million years ago in the real world. There are many things that players can do, such as hunting, living, and fighting against various “dark” creatures and bosses who want to destroy the world. Players get to decide what occurs in the world of Cradles as time passes.

To achieve entropy increase or true-time lapsing, Cradles’s developers build a new type of blockchain token, called the ERC-3664 or Time-NFT. The ERC-3664 protocol adds a time attribute to every in-game item that players can collect. With this protocol, objects are gradually modified over time, which contributes to the historical feel of the game. In other words, objects in the game will age instead of staying the same, much like in the real world. For instance, an iron sword will rust over time and gradually lose its value.

Moreover, buildings will decay, and the environment will require maintenance. Therefore, if players don’t take good care of it, their world might crumble over time, and nature will take over. However, the ageing process doesn’t always have a negative effect on objects. In some cases, it may even add beneficial traits to some items. If players take care of their iron sword, for example, the sword may become antique, increasing its value.

History of Cradles

Cradles is being developed by DRepublic, a metaverse company that focuses on next-generation technologies, including blockchain, games, and AI tech, that no one has ever seen or played before. As a community-driven project, the team focuses on the innovation of game content and token mechanism. They utilise the power of AI and game engine advancement to provide users with a fresh gameplay. Their main target is to create a pure land for game designers and game lovers in the mixed blockchain-based game market.

In August 2021, DRepublic partnered with Polygon, the creator of a crypto-based platform for NFTs that has taken Ethereum Dapps by storm. This partnership allows the full deployment of the Cradles blockchain game and NFTs on Ethereum, without problems like slow and expensive transactions.

In October 2021, Cradles secured 1.2 million USD in seed investment from global investors, such as Dfermion, Spartan Group, Huobi Ventures, LD Capital, Signum Capital, Animoca Brands, Republic Realm, Cointelligence, DWeb3 Capital, Youbi capital, and D1 Ventures.

Cradles’s main game is planned to launch around May 2022.

Popular Areas in Cradles

Cradles are divided into two areas: the Main City and the Adventure Zone.

  • The Main City – Players enter Cradles through the main city entrance. In this area, wild creatures don’t attack players. There will be anti-magnetic pole orbits in the central city for players to enter any Adventure Zone.
  • Adventure Zone – This is where players can explore the wild, hunt monsters, obtain supplies by trading with other players or NPCs, discover various riches, combat other players, and rescue creatures.
    There will be numerous different worlds set in the past, and in the future, each world will have its own items and storylines that players can discover.

Types of Property in Cradles

There’s a wide range of world properties in Cradles. These include:

  • Weapons and armour – these are items with combat attributes. Players can use their weapons to fight against other players or wild creatures. If weapons and armours aren’t repaired in time, they will disappear forever.
  • Skill book – This is a one-time use NFT. Once you use it, it will disappear, and the NFT will burn. By using a skill book, players can learn the skills imprinted on the skill book. The skills only need to be acquired once and can be used permanently.
  • Accessories – While accessories have bonus attributes, they don’t have a wear mechanism.
  • Scroll – Unlike Skill Books, scrolls are multiple-use NFTs that provide players with a temporary skill. It can be transferred between players.
  • Epic Game Equipment – Players can earn epic game equipment by joining the Cradles Together activity in the community, completing NPC missions, or protecting and hunting animals. 
  • Potions – Players can use potions to obtain special effects, such as magic powers (like the ability to walk in lava), magic recovery, or healing. Potions are disposable items and can only be used one time.
  • Dragontars – These are Cradles’ cute symbols. They allow players to enter some of the metaverse’s mini-games. While there are some parts of Dragontars that are unchangeable, like eyes, skin colour, and mouth, they’re largely customisable since players can change up the accessories. In the main game, Dragontars will help players in many different ways. Some may help players fight or enhance their power, while others may recover players’ health.
  • Ammonites – Players can use ammonites in the main game to revive their fossils and use them as pets. Ammonites will help players pick up items dropped by monsters in Cradles.

Native Tokens Used in Cradles

There are two native tokens in Cradles: Cradles Coin (CRDS) and Crystals.

  • Cradles Coin (CRDS) is the platform or the main token of Cradles. There are a total of 5 billion CRDS. Players with platform coins can stake or provide liquidity to get more coins. The coins can be used to buy physical souvenir NFTs as well, such as legendary weapons or prehistoric creature models.
  • Crystals are the in-game tokens that players can consume directly inside the game. The exchange rate between the platform coin and Crystals will always be relatively stable to allow players to enter the game cheaply, no matter how much the platform coin rises.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Cradles

  1. The first of its kind – Cradles is the first prehistoric metaverse with a fascinating entropy system. The game developers specifically create a new type of blockchain token, the ERC-3664 protocol, to make this happen. The protocol adds a time attribute to all in-game items. Each item, environment, and the world in the game will age and may even decay over time if players don’t take good care of it.
  2. A community-driven project – As a community-driven project, users have a voice in the entire process. Everyone who participates has voting rights on the game development, design, and more. A strong community backing Cradles provides it with a great advantage.
  3. The power of AI – Cradles uses the power of AI to provide players with fresh gameplays unlike any other. Moreover, AI technology isn’t only used to empower games but also empowers the entire community.