Land For Sale in Bloktopia

Everything you need to know about Bloktopia

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a tokenised and decentralised metaverse made of a virtual 21-story skyscraper. The 21-level building is made in recognition of 21 million Bitcoin. Each level features numerous storefronts that represent various projects, crypto businesses, influencers, and exchanges, providing users with an immersive consumer experience. Built on top of the Polygon blockchain, the platform allows users to earn revenue, engage in basic or advanced learning, build networks, play games, and much more.

With its NFT-based economy, users of Bloktopia can buy, sell, and lease virtual property and earn income through the creation of NFTs and in-game advertising strategies. For instance, landowners can showcase artworks, stake tokens, create locations, and design challenges using a simple builder tool provided by the platform. An SDK will be available for more advanced designers to fill the metaverse with social games and applications. Bloktopia will also offer play-to-earn games, where players can enter a prize draw and win things like free BLOK (Bloktopia's native token) or even a real-life Lamborghini.

Apart from these things, users will also be able to explore the metaverse, visit galleries and stores, participate in virtual events, and have direct access to educational and learning tools provided by pioneering crypto community members.

History of Bloktopia

Bloktopia was brought in by the two co-founders, Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll. Ross Tavakoli, now the CEO of Bloktopia, has been involved in Crypto since 2015. He has extensive experience in retail investment. Paddy Carroll, the CMO of the project, is an experienced marketer who has worked for some of the largest brands in the UK, such as BT Group and Sky.

Besides the co-founders, the team consists of Libby Rothwell and Simon Benson. With over 15 year's experience in the film industry and creating commercial partnerships, Libby is trusted to manage networking and now sits as the CIO of Bloktopia. On the other hand, Simon, who has more than 25 years of experience in development, is the CTO of the project.

The idea of Bloktopia was born when Ross Tavakoli envisioned a platform for crypto traders to transport and immerse themselves in an alternate universe where they can experience virtual reality in a whole new light. Together with his team, Ross developed Bloktopia, a decentralized metaverse that lays out the groundwork for the future of blockchain gaming.

Today, Blocktopia has secured a number of partners and investors. The lead investor of Bloktopia is Animoca Brands. In August 2021, Bloktopia also partnered and received funding from Polygon. Some other notable partners who have backed the project are Venly, Anzu, Babylons, Zokyo, Bitboy, Magnus Capital, and Magic Few.

Popular Areas in Bloktopia

Different levels of Bloktopia have different themes. All levels have a similar floor layout, but not identical.

The first level of Bloktopia is the welcoming one, where users (called Bloktopians) will start their journey. Thus, Level 1 has the greatest influx. It has the biggest footfall in the entire building. It consists of a helpdesk, a calendar of events, cryptocurrency pricing information, and a navigation area. Moreover, users will find the most important individuals and companies here, as the floor facilitates premium retail and advertising spaces.

Another key area in Bloktopia is level 21. On this floor, players can find a luxury penthouse where they can compete for BLOK. In addition, the floor houses the platform's gaming activities, which ranges from child-friendly games to multiplayer games to R18-rated games like gambling.

Types of Property in Bloktopia

There are two main types of items users can buy to own a piece of Bloktopia: REBLOK and ADBLOK.


The purchase of the real estate in Bloktopia is known as REBLOK. Real estate on the platform will be a valuable commodity. Owners will be able to develop their property, resell for profit, or rent it out for passive income opportunities. Owners can sell their property developed or underdeveloped. They can also rent out their property for a specific event or on a long term basis.

There will be two types of REBLOK ownership. These include:

  • Sole ownership - a BLOK real estate is represented and owned via a single NFT. With this type of ownership, users have full rights to develop their REBLOK however they want by purchasing content from the Bloktopia marketplace or using the Bloktopia SDK to build content to decorate their property. 
  • Joint ownership - a BLOK real estate is represented by multiple NFTs. One investor is allowed to acquire multiple NFTs. With joint ownership, the use of REBLOK will be determined by a Governance mechanism. The users' percentage NFT holding of the REBLOK acts as their voting right. If, for example, all owners agree on a sale, each one of them will receive their percentage of the sale according to their NFT holding of the property.

Advertisements will play a big role in revenue generation in Bloktopia. Users can buy ADBLOK using BLOK tokens. The price varies, depending on the position of the totem in the skyscraper. Naturally, floor one will have the highest footfall, and the largest cost since every visitor of the building has to visit it. ADBLOCK comes in two sizes: large totems and small totems.

  • Small totems can be found in 4 areas on each floor. The boards will be double-sided, and advertisers can add videos or static imageries. There will be 84 small totems available in Bloktopia. 
  • Large totems - There will be 21 large totems available in Bloktopia.

Each of the totems will be owned 50% by Bloktopia, while the remaining 50% will be available to purchase for 50 NFT holders. This means that the 50 NFT holders will earn 1% of all advertising revenue generated by the totem for every NFT held.

Native Tokens Used in Bloktopia

The native token of Bloktopia is BLOK, which will be used as the currency of the metaverse. Users will be able to purchase and sell BLOK via decentralised and centralised exchanges. This token will be required to purchase items within the metaverse, such as items from the marketplace, to customise avatars, and upgrade real estate. Therefore, BLOK is valuable and necessary for the Blocktopia ecosystem to operate. Furthermore, the token is used to run the network, and users can stake it to earn lucrative APYs.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Bloktopia

  1. Backed by prestigious companies - Bloktopia is backed by top tier investors who have an excellent track record of investing in crypto projects for years. With Animoca Brands as its leading investor, as well as support from other big brands, creators, influencers, and the crypto community, Bloktopia is a tough competitor in the global Augmented and Virtual Reality market.
  2. Multiple revenue streams for players - There are several ways users can make money in Bloktopia. They can own virtual real estate or REBLOK, whether individually or jointly, to get profit or passive income. They can also hold ADBLOK NFTs and receive a percentage of advertising fees. Additionally, users can also earn income through staking.
  3. A diverse set of features - Bloktopia has four pillars: learn, earn money, game, and creative. This means that the metaverse offers a wide range of features where people can learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain, earn money, have fun by playing video games, and utilise the platform's simple builder to build landscapes and art. With this diverse set of features, Bloktopia can really attract people from various sectors and backgrounds, from those who love art and gaming to people who are interested in education and money-making.