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What is SuperWorld?

SuperWorld is a 3D virtual world where users can purchase, sell, collect, and curate 64.8 billion unique plots of virtual land. These virtual land plots are digitally mapped over the entire surface of the Earth. Thus, users can essentially buy a digital copy of the Taj Mahal, Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, Times Square, Mount Rushmore, or any other place on the globe. Since the metaverse is powered by blockchain technology, each land plot within it is represented as an NFT with a starting price of .1 ETH.

When a user purchases a plot of land in SuperWorld, they’ll become a landowner and a key stakeholder in the platform. This means that landowners can generate revenue with their virtual plots. The revenue is based on user activity like advertising, transactions, gaming, in-game purchases, and e-commerce. It’s completely up to the landowners how they want to personalise their land plots, since they can add anything they want. From consumer to enterprise applications, anyone can incorporate photos, texts, videos, and 3D objects to share with other users. Users can create, explore, and discover content in 2D and 3D within the SuperWorld metaverse using the SuperWorld Augmented Reality mobile app.

History of SuperWorld

SuperWorld was founded in 2017 by Hrish Lotlikar and Max Woon. Hrish, now the CEO of SuperWorld, was the co-founder of Rogue Initiative Studios and the founding Managing Partner of Eastlabs, an early-stage VC fund based in Kyiv, Ukraine. On the other hand, Max, now the CTO of SuperWorld, was the co-founder of Xfire (acquired by Viacom), Storytime Studios, and Phizzle.

SuperWorld was born as the answer to the founders' question: what if there was a decentralised platform to host the emerging AR/VR ecosystem? With this question in mind, the founders developed and launched SuperWorld, which allows users to buy the entire planet on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since its founding in 2017, SuperWorld has received continuous support from the NFT community. It has also secured numerous partnerships and investments. In January 2022, the Metaverse Group announced that they would invest up to 1 million USD in SuperWorld.

Popular Areas in SuperWorld

Major landmarks, historical places, and tourist attractions are by far the most popular areas in SuperWorld. According to the SuperWorld marketplace, some of the most popular real estate are the Pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu, The Great Wall, Golden Gate Bridge, and Eiffel Tower.

Types of Property in SuperWorld

SuperWorld contains over 64 billion unique plots of virtual land. Each plot of land in the metaverse measures 100m x 100m of real-world space, roughly the size of a sports stadium. Since the entire metaverse is mapped over the entire surface of Earth, users can essentially buy any place on the planet, from historical monuments to wonders of the natural world.

Since SuperWorld uses the ERC-721 standard of tradable assets, each plot of land is classified as a collectable and an entirely unique asset to buy, sell, trade, or hold due to its digital scarcity. When a user purchases a plot of land in the platform, they receive a one-of-a-kind portion of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as numerous revenue opportunities. Landowners can use their land to open an online shop, a gaming arcade where other users can play and have time, showcase their NFT collection, and more.

Additionally, SuperWorld has a Decentralised Ad Network, which allows landowners to share advertising and transaction revenue from any ads and transactions that occur on their land plots. Through any AR application hosted on the SuperWorld platform, brands and advertisers can access and serve ads on real-world locations. Similar to Google AdSense, this will allow brands to create and run ad campaigns that appear in high traffic locations around the platform.

Native Tokens Used in SuperWorld

At the time of writing, SuperWorld doesn’t have any native token. The virtual world uses ETH (Ethereum) as the digital currency used for any transactions, including purchasing and selling land plots.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in SuperWorld

  1. Opportunity to earn revenue - There are many ways landowners can earn income from their land plots. For example, they can showcase their NFT art to sell or offer ad space for brands.
  2. Ease of access - It’s easy to access SuperWorld since the platform has a great mobile app. Within the mobile app, users can easily explore, create, and personalise their world with persistent AR content like photos, audio, videos, animation, 3D objects, and text. 
  3. Major investors - SuperWorld is backed by some major investors, such as Outlier Ventures and Altered Ventures. Outlier Ventures’ portfolio is full of big blockchain names, while Altered Ventures has its own NFT marketplace in addition to its big gaming portfolio.