Land For Sale in Mirandus

Everything you need to know about Mirandus

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is a fantasy MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) powered by blockchain technology. The game is set in a unique world that consists of 5 large Citadels ruled by five player-monarchs who decide the course of their world. One of the best things about the game is that players are free to choose what they want to do. They can join with one of the monarchs, explore forests, battle monsters, or set up shop in one of the cities.

The concept of true player ownership is the core of Mirandus. Players and contributors can own every item in the game, including weapons, shops, and cities. Any decisions that players make will affect the game, and their actions will create an environment built by themselves. Additionally, players will establish the game’s economies, governance, and political alliances. Thus, there will be a thriving in-game economy where everyone plays a part. For example, adventurers will need food from butchers, who need meat from farmers. Some players may also need armour repairs from blacksmiths, who will need wood from woodcutters to make a hilt. Players can enjoy being anything they want in the game, from adventurers and traders to a farmer and a bard.

Despite the fact that the game is still in its early phases of development, players are allowed to purchase limited-edition buildings and characters that they can use in the game. Owning land in the game means making money, as it will pave the way for numerous opportunities, such as trading. Free-to-play options are available as well.

History of Mirandus

Mirandus is being developed by Gala Games, a blockchain games startup that Eric Schiermeyer, the Zynga co-founder, helped create. It’s a part of Gala Games’ growing gaming ecosystem. Besides Mirandus, Gala Games have other released and upcoming games like Town Star, Echoes of Empire, and Fortified.

Mirandus was first announced in 2020, and the first public viewing of the game was held on 3 July 2021 in an official stress test on the Mirandus test server. On 6 December 2021, Gala Games released Mirandus VOX NFT. Since its first announcement, Mirandus has continuously received positive responses. Interest in the MMORPG has especially increased since Gala Games secured a partnership with Polyient Games. The game’s first citadel, Citadel of the Sun, was sold for 800 thousand USD in January 2021.

There is currently no set date for the full release of Mirandus. The alpha release is planned to be held around the end of 2021, but the development process is taking longer than anticipated. More information about the game and the release date is to follow as development continues.

Types of Property in Mirandus

  • Land Deeds - In Mirandus, players can own land deeds for certain buildings. The number of land in the game is limited to the initial 1,625 deeds minted, as it’s unlikely for new land deeds to be added in the future. There are different types of land deeds, based on their size and rarity. The cheapest and smallest land deeds are Homestead, followed by Outpost, Farming Hamlet, Ranching Hamlet, Village of the Farmer, Village of the Baron, Village of the Viscount, Village of the Earl, Town of the Marquess, Town of the Duke, Town of the Prince, and Town of the Arch Duke.
  • Building - Over 70 different types of building NFTs are available for players to purchase. The buildings range from small 5×5 to majestic 20×40 structures, which are located within the walls of a Citadel.
  • Exemplar - There are 5 known races in Mirandus, including Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Halflings, and Elfs. These races are exemplified by six different Exemplars, which are special avatars with unique characteristics that award players with extraordinary bonuses.
  • Mirandus VOX - Mirandus VOX is basically another avatar that players can collect. The characters represent the Exemplar heroes from Mirandus. Users who own both the Vox and the Exemplar from the same type will unlock a boost inside of the game. There are a total of 8888 Mirandus Vox, each one generated in a provably random way.

Native Tokens Used in Mirandus

One in-game token in Mirandus that has been announced by Gala Games is Materium. Described as a magical essence, Materium is an ERC-20 token. Players can use it in numerous ways, such as casting spells and making potions and elixirs. It also allows players to enforce their armour, enchant their weapon, and magically teleport items from one location to another. Besides these uses, it’s very likely that Materium will be traded and exchanged for a number of reasons. Materium will possibly become the main utility token in the game, but it’s still unclear whether or not there will be an in-game currency.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Mirandus

  1. Created by an accomplished team – The team behind Mirandus is filled with talented people who have done some impressive things in the past. For example, Eric Schiermeyer, the CEO, has been involved in the creation of numerous successful projects, such as FarmVille, which is one of the most played games in history.
  2. Broken records even before its official release – Mirandus has shattered records even though it’s still in development and hasn’t been officially released yet. One of its biggest achievements is selling its first citadel, Citadel of the Sun, for 800 thousand USD.
  3. Opportunities to make money – The Mirandus NFTs give a lot of opportunities to earn money, especially for those who own land deeds. Owning a base close to a dungeon entrance will give you numerous chances for trade. Additionally, those who own citadels will have the right to create and lead their faction, charge taxes on trade, and more.