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What is Mavia Land?

Heroes of Mavia is a play-to-earn MMO Strategy game that takes place on a fantasy-themed island known as Mavia. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing Arbitrum as an L2 scaling solution.

Although players don’t need to own land outright to be able to play in Mavia, they do need to have access to land. There are three ways players can access land: ownership, renting, or partnerships. Players can build bases and defensive structures on their land. Strategically placing defensive buildings on their base to protect themselves from attackers who want to steal resources is one of the most important aspects of the game. 

Aside from building bases on plots of land, players can also battle neighboring bases and armies in order to earn in-game resources, such as RUBY, the primary play-to-earn currency in the Mavia ecosystem. Moreover, players can attack opponents with land troops, vehicles, and air units to steal resources from rival bases. RUBY can be used to upgrade players’ Land, Hero, and Statue NFTs, which will increase their production, power, and earning potential.

Land is the most valuable asset in Heroes of Mavia. Its value improves as players develop their land and re-invest RUBY into upgrading their Base HQ level and building their defensive structures, such as walls and troops. As the value of the land increases, landowners can have numerous potential monetization options. These include playing the Mavia game to yield rewards, selling their land on marketplaces, renting out their base, or joining base partnerships.

History of Mavia Land

Heroes of Mavia is developed by Skrice Studios, a design and development studio headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Skrice was founded in early 2021 with the sole purpose of disruptive blockchain games. The studio is currently focused exclusively on developing and launching Mavia. Its mission is to bring Blockchain Gaming to the masses. It consists of over 60 full-time partners and team members around the globe, which include Game Designers, Graphic Designers, Blockchain Developers, and more. 

Mavia was inspired by two of the biggest games in the mobile app and blockchain gaming industries: Axie Infinity and Clash of Clans. It takes the best elements from the two games and combines them together. The mavia gameplay is designed to create value through battle and conquer and help players earn even when offline.

Heroes of Mavia has been in development since July 2021. The front-end development is planned to be ready for private testing in Q2 2022 and public beta testing in Q3 2022.

Types of Property in Mavia Land

Land is central to Heroes of Mavia since players need to have access to it in order to play the game. It is the foundation upon which players build their base. Land is limited in quantity, and players can own, rent, or lease it. Each land is unique, with its own coordinates on the Mavia island map, design, and a custom name chosen by the owner. Owners can resell their land, rent it out for passive income, or place it into a “partnership” for a new player to use and split profits 50/50 with the owner.

There are three different types of land, including:

  1. Common - 70% of the Mavia Island NFTs are made up of Common land. This type of land has the same functionality and utility as other types of land. However, it has a less luxurious appearance, and it’s not located in prime areas. There’s no difference in sizes and defensive/offensive between all of the land types.
  2. Rare - 20% of the Mavia Island NFTs consist of Rare land. It has a more lavish appearance than Common land and is located in a more desirable location on the map. It comes with an extra luck factor included when removing obstacles, which will be valuable over time.
  3. Legendary - Only 10% of the Mavia Island NFTs are made up of Legendary land. It has the most glamorous design, the best location on the map, and the highest luck factor. Tropical Legendary land boasts a beachfront location.

All land starts out with a Level 1 Base, but will improve in value over time as players develop their land and re-invest their RUBY to upgrade their Base HQ level. There are numerous ways players can monetize their land. These include:

  1. Play the Mavia Game - Owners can use their land to battle other players and bases on the Mavia Island, and compete for RUBY. As their base grows stronger, they can also battle stronger opponents, which in turn will yield higher rewards when they win.
  2. Sell their Base - Landowners can sell their land after it is upgraded to earn profits.
  3. Rent out their Base - Landowners can rent out their base and set their own dates and price, just like the “AirBnB” model. The tenant will have to pay MAVIA upfront, but they will be able to earn and keep all the RUBY generated while they’re using the base.
  4. Base Partnerships - Owners can work together with new players who want to enter the Mavia world without having to pay MAVIA upfront. With Base Partnerships, a landowner can lend their land to another player and keep a fixed percentage of the RUBY the partner earns.

Hero NFTs defend players’ bases from opponents and may join in offensive attacks against opponents. Each Hero is equipped with a special attack, which players can use strategically in battle. Each base can equip a maximum of four Heroes.

Just like Land NFTs, Hero is a unique NFT that comes in limited quantities. Players can upgrade their Heroes with RUBY to increase their in-game stats, such as speed, attack, defense, and more. Players may also purchase additional “skins” for heroes, which can increase the Hero’s resale value.

A single player can own as many Heroes as they want. However, they can only equip four Heroes at a time for each base.

Statues NFTs provide the base they are active on with boosts. They increase the base’s speed and efficiency in numerous things, such as resource production, building time, cooldown time, and troop training time. Owners can upgrade their Statues to increase their unique powers. Similar to Heroes, players can only equip up to four statues at a time for each base.

Native Tokens Used in Mavia Land

MAVIA is Heroes of Mavia’s governance token. It’s also the only currency used to exchange NFTs on the Mavia marketplace. There will be 250,000,000 total supply of MAVIA. The token will be available in Decentralized Exchanges and select Centralized Exchanges.

RUBY is Heroes of Mavia’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) currency. Thus, it has an unlimited supply and will be burned/minted dynamically. It’s mainly used in-game for upgrading NFTs, such as Hero level, Statue level, and Base HQ level. It can also be used to purchase items for NFTs, activate shields to protect the base from attackers, speed up construction times, purchase missing Oil/Gold resources, complete troop training, and more.

Players can earn RUBY by winning an offensive battle against another base, winning a 3-star battle and looting some of the opponents' RUBY stores, successfully defending their base against an attacker, completing daily challenges, winning a wagered battle, removing base obstacles, ranking in top-positions in leaderboards, and more.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Mavia Land

  1. Various monetization opportunities - There are numerous ways for landowners to earn money from Heroes of Mavia. Those who enjoy playing games can monetize their land by simply playing. Those who are looking for passive income can rent out or have base partnerships with other players.
  2. Impressive partnerships and investments - Heroes of Mavia has impressive investors and partners. The game is funded by more than 15 investors, including Animoca Brands, Yield Guild Games, GuildFy, Capital, Triblock, Avocado Guild, Binance Labs, Merit Circle, and HashKey Capital. As of February 2022, it has raised a total of 8 million USD in funding over 2 rounds. 
  3. Incredible potential - Mavia is among the few crypto games that are genuinely engaging and fun to play. That’s why it has a great potential to retain players and maintain growth in the crypto market. Plus, the decentralized approach to taxation and giving players financial authority may make increasing fees more bearable in the future and not cause market panic.