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What is Worldwide Webb?

Worldwide Webb is an MMORPG metaverse game where players can use their pixelated NFTs as in-game avatars and pets. Players can also purchase and build land, consumables, items, and go on exciting quests. Thus, it’s making good use of popular 2D pixelated NFT projects. Moreover, players are given the ability to build and create their own community, such as building their own structures. In the future, the Worldwide Webb is planned to be a fully interoperable Metaverse game with a play-to-earn and create-to-earn economy for players, collectors, and creators.

Since Worldwide Webb utilizes 2D pixelated NFTs and functions without laborious 3D rendering, the integration process of adding a new NFT collection is quick and easy. By integrating various NFT projects, the game hopes to form stronger relationships with existing NFT communities and expand its player base. 

Besides integrating existing NFT collections, Worldwide Webb also allows players to purchase their own piece of land. The land will soon give players the opportunity to mint and sell their own NFTs within the game. Furthermore, players will be able to fight others using their NFT Pets, such as CrypToadz and MoonCats. Items like cars, furniture, clothes, and even nimbus clouds will be available for players to purchase.

History of Worldwide Webb

Worldwide Webb was created by Thomas Webb, a game developer, hacker, and artist who has won various awards for his AI art installations. His works have been exhibited in numerous notable museums and galleries, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Saatchi & Saatchi, and the FROST Museum of Science in Miami. He has also given TED talks on AI and Hacking. 

Aside from Tom, the team behind Worldwide Webb consists of other experienced professionals, including Yuan Gao (CTO) and Gutty Kreum (Lead Artist) as the key team members. 

Their vision is to create a template for metaverses with community at its core. By incorporating a wide range of NFT projects into Worldwide Webb, the team wants to offer tools for communities to build and create their own spaces inside the game. 

Today, Worldwide Webb has secured numerous partnerships and NFT collections integration. Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, and Wolf Game are among the NFT collections that are already integrated into the Worldwide Webb. The game is planning to integrate more collections via special collaborations, which will feature dedicated community events, buildings, and project-specific quests. As of March 2022, their current partnership includes Ponderware and Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult.

Popular Areas in Worldwide Webb

At the time of writing, there are only 3 areas (or Zones) announced by the Worldwide Webb team where players can purchase apartments or lands. These include:

  1. The Grid
  2. Eth River
  3. Token Valley is a friendly suburban neighborhood where players can find several apartments. According to the team, the place holds interesting secrets.

More areas are to be announced.

Types of Property in Worldwide Webb

There are several types of properties players of Worldwide Webb can purchase, sell, and trade. These include:

Players who want to own and control in-game spaces in Worldwide Webb can purchase Land NFTs. Landowners can use their space to host social events, avatars, pets, NFT collections, trophies, and more. Owners can also create custom NPCs and quests inside their land and mint NFTs in their spaces. Additionally, owning Land NFTs allows players to make key decisions for the Metaverse spaces.

The main unit of mintable land in Worldwide Webb is apartments. Players can use the space to showcase their NFTs, in-game items, host virtual gatherings, and other activities. There are four types of apartments in Worldwide Webb, including:

  1. Small Apartment - Supply 5000
  2. Medium Apartment - Supply 3000
  3. Large Apartment - Supply 1000
  4. Penthouse - Supply 69.

Besides Apartments, there are other types of mintable land: Businesses and Advertising Space. Businesses will play an important role in the WorldWideWeb3. Thus, businesses will be mintable, and their NFT holders will have control over how their business operates in the metaverse. Some examples of businesses are stores, bars, nightclubs, and vendors.

Advertising space will be spread across Worldwide Webb and will be mintable as an NFT. Players who own an ad space can upload any text or image onto their space. The text or image will be moderated, and NSFW content is not allowed. Players can create their advertising space using the in-game editor.

There are three types of avatars in Worldwide Webb, including:

  1. External NFT avatars are any pixel art projects that already exist, such as CyberKongz and CryptoPunks.
  2. Native Avatars are the in-game avatars players are assigned when playing without an NFT avatar
  3. Worldwide Webb NFT Avatars, or CryptoWeebs, are ultra-rare in-game avatars that have unique traits and abilities.

For users who want to use existing external NFT avatars that aren’t full body, Worldwide Webb has created body animations compatible with every pfp. Moreover, players can create their own custom walk cycles for their NFTs.

Worldwide Webb gives NFT pet projects utility in the metaverse. Pets are visible by all other players and can follow the owners around the game world. Players will have the ability to train their pet, level it up to gain new abilities, and use it in PvP battles. 

Worldwide Webb offers various in-game items that players can purchase and collect. These items affect how players’ avatars behave in the game. For example, players who own a cloud can fly around the map, and those who own a pill can move 20% faster. Numerous new items are currently in the works.

Native Tokens Used in Worldwide Webb

As of March 2022, Worldwide Webb doesn’t have any native token or in-game currency yet. However, its Webb token is to be released soon. Today, players have the option to choose Bitcoin, ETH, or Cash for in-game purchases.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Worldwide Webb

  1. Interesting roadmap - Worldwide Webb might still be in its early phase, but its roadmap ahead is expansive and exciting. Numerous new features and updates are coming to the platform, such as Pokemon-style battle engine Alpha for in-game progression and PvP, Alpha Mario Kart style PvP racing game, guild integration for communities, and more.
  2. 2D pixelated NFTs utilization - Worldwide, Webb’s 2D pixel approach allows the platform to integrate NFT projects with unprecedented speed. This integration creates great network effects with diverse communities to further grow their player base.
  3. Owning land gives players access to numerous benefits - There is a wide range of benefits that players can get by owning land. For example, they can display their NFTs, make their own quests, host social events, mint NFTs, and even earn the Webb token. Moreover, lands are scarce assets, making them a great investment.