Land for sale in TreeVerse

This is a Founding Plot

  • Landtyp Parcel
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Token-Standard ERC-721
  • Vertragsadresse 0x1b82...02b2
  • Token-ID 101017...0177
  • Eigentümer 0xf17a...bfbe


TreeVerse is a 2D, browser-based metaverse created by Loopify. Built in a retro, pixelated style, this virtual world is geared to be a social media platform like Twitter and Discord, with a focus on NFT chatter. However, although its focus is building a solid social system, TreeVerse is also planning to have pets, NPCs, seasonal events, minigames, NFT locked regions, custom public lands, an in-game marketplace, and more. It essentially provides a platform for users to be social while, at the same time, gamifying the experience.

  • Name der virtuellen WeltTreeVerse
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Einführung Feb 2021
  • Anzahl der Grundstücke 10,420