Land for sale in Somnium Space

Medium (M) parcel in Somnium Space has a size of 600m² and 25m height & depth build limit which is located at X = -64.5, Y = -1.16, Z = 719

  • Landtyp Parcel
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Token-Standard ERC-721
  • Vertragsadresse 0x913a...b4e2
  • Token-ID 1595
  • Eigentümer 0x149c...cc25


Somnium Space is an open, social, and persistent virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. The persistence of Somnium Space is a way of how the world is being generated to users at any given moment in time. Unlike traditional multiplayer VR games where users are separated into sub servers and mirrored-instance rooms, this virtual world exists in one seamless instance and hosts all players in one vast world. This means when users go somewhere in that world, they will experience the same thing as anyone else. Furthermore, users won’t encounter any loading screens while exploring the metaverse.

  • Name der virtuellen WeltSomnium Space
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Einführung Jun 2017
  • Anzahl der Grundstücke 5,000
  • Währung CUBE