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Land for sale in NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds are generative worlds with geography, resource & feature data stored on chain. NFT Worlds can be played, explored and built in. You can sync changes you make to your world so they reflect on your NFT. Feel free to use NFT Worlds in any way you want. Learn more at

  • Land Type Parcel
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Token Standard ERC-721
  • Contract Address 0xbd44...11af
  • Token ID 2714
  • Owner 0x69f0...6f4b


NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized, customizable, community-driven, cross-platform, play-to-earn gaming platform. It's made up of 10,000 3D voxel-based, limitless worlds that are playable in Minecraft. Instead of creating its own metaverse, NFT Worlds is developed on top of Minecraft servers with a Polygon-based overlay. Built on top of Minecraft, NFT Worlds enjoy various advantages. For example, it offers a set of game controls that Minecraft players are already familiar with. Since NFT Worlds is compatible with Minecraft, it allows players to access Web3 features like an online shop where they can purchase items for their Minecraft experience using the NFT Worlds native token, $WRLD.

  • Virtual World NameNFT Worlds
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Launch Oct 2021
  • Total Parcels 10,000
  • Native Currency $WRLD

Asking price