What Are Virtual Blockchain Worlds?

Virtual Blockchain Worlds, or VBWs for short, are social platforms composed of land parcels that anyone can own, from players to investors to companies. Landowners within these virtual worlds can monetise and build anything they wish on their land. Most often, users use their lands to create enjoyable experiences for themselves and others to visit. Art Galleries, Museums, Games, Casinos, Online Stores, Conference Centres, and more are already built in Virtual Blockchain Worlds. Users can also generate passive income by renting their lands to others, much like in the real world.

What makes Virtual Blockchain Worlds different from traditional virtual worlds like Grand Theft Auto, Second Life, and The Sims is ownership. Games like Grand Theft Auto and The Sims are centralised virtual worlds owned by a single company. While players can buy things like in-game items, they can only receive the benefits that come with these items. They don’t really own anything, and they can’t resell these items for real cash. 

On the other hand, users of Virtual Blockchain Worlds own everything they pay for and earn. They can purchase, sell, rent out, and trade any items within the world, including land and other assets. Additionally, users have full ownership of any revenue they generate from their land and assets. This is because every item that users purchase or earn in Virtual Blockchain Worlds is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT). Anyone can buy, sell, or trade NFTs at any time on a variety of marketplaces.

To put it simply, everything people do in the real world is replicated in Virtual Blockchain Worlds. Whether on individual or enterprise levels, users are provided with freedom and limitless experiences. They can play, work, be social with other users, and actively participate in the digital economy within the specific Virtual Blockchain World.