Absolut Vodka brings an experience to Decentraland

Absolut Vodka brings an experience to Decentraland

Pernod Ricard, the second-largest spirits and winemaker, unveiled an experience in the metaverse called Absolut.Land with its brand Absolut Vodka. 

As quoted from Yahoo Finance, North America CEO Ann Mukherjee said that the global company partnered with Decentraland over other potential partners in the space, including Roblox (RBLX) and Meta's Horizon Worlds (FB). Mukherjee also stated that it was important for them to partner with a platform that matched their values of what they call conviviality, bringing people together and in safe ways.

The Absolute.Land in Decentraland is set to recreate Coachella, where users can opt to be a virtual bartender and give people a cocktail. Furthermore, Absolut is launching NFT Wearables which offers users a chance to get a first-listen to Swedish House Mafia's new album.

Mukherjee said that they're excited about the experience because it's the first-ever platform where they can allow real and virtual life to meet. 

"We are literally recreating the Coachella experience in Absolut.Land," said Mukherjee. 

People who are physically at Coachella may join the Metaverse and replicate the genuine Coachella experience, according to Mukherjee.

She added, "we're bringing fashion and music and cocktail making, even to the point if you're in Absolut.Land, we have a vending machine where you can actually order the cocktail to be delivered to your home."