Decentraland introduced new NFT emotes during MVFW

Decentraland introduced new NFT emotes during MVFW

A new kind of emotes made its grand debut during Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week from 24 to 27 March. These emotes were free for users on a first come, first serve basis at a special statue in the new Luxury District.

There are three new emotes users could get during MVFW; each has different rarity levels and is tradable on the Decentraland’s marketplace. Thus, these emotes are an entirely ownable and tradable demonstration of self-expression in the metaverse. 

Aside from the new emotes, Decentraland also updated its emote UI. With this update, users can prioritize their emotes by assigning numbers to them. This will make it easier and quicker for users to use their favorite emotes. In order to customize their emote window, users need to press B to open the emotes UI, then E to open the customization window, put their favorite emotes in slots 0-9, and select done.

After customizing their emote window, the only thing users need to do to make their avatar do an emote is press and hold B along with the number key of the emote they want to use.

For now, Decentraland has created a series of standard emotes for users to get grips with. In the future, however, more emotes will be released, and creators will be able to design their own.