Vogu release wearables for Decentraland

Vogu release wearables for Decentraland

The Vogu Collective has announced its arrival in Decentraland. The project is launching its 5 TAR model lines as wearable heads in the metaverse this month. These assets should help them establish their presence in the metaverse.

During the launch, Vogu owners can claim up to five wearables depending on how many Vogu NFT they own and which traits their Vogu NFT has. Each NFT will entitle the owners to 1 wearable. This means that those who own 5 vogu or more will get 5 wearables. The Quantum core feature of their NFTs determines the sort of wearable they’ll get. Thus, those who are interested should keep an eye out for the snapshot date, which will be revealed 48 hours before the event.

For everyone else who does not own a Vogu NFT, there will be a public sale on the Decentraland marketplace shortly after the claim period. 

The Vogu Collective is a multimedia sci-fi franchise that is committed to exploring new avenues for art and storytelling. Their first NFT collection features 7,777 unique robot avatars. In addition, they have a companion drop called MUTTS. Everyone who holds Vogu’s initial collection could claim one of these MUTTS for free. Furthermore, their NFT collections bring a wide range of benefits for their holders.

SOURCE: The Vogu Collective