DeHorizon partners with PathDAO

DeHorizon partners with PathDAO

DeHorizon has announced its partnership with PathDAO, a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that powers the growing blockchain and gaming metaverse. With this partnership, PathDAO wants to introduce the metaverse's fundamentals to millions of people. Based on statistical models, it is predicted that this partnership will result in a higher number of inhabitants working together to create a resilient, robust, and widespread Metaverse ecosystem.

DeVerse's internal test may now be viewed live at Their team of highly competent technical people is working to eliminate the system's first issues. By submitting kind and positive remarks, the gaming guilds have demonstrated their valued interest in the synergy of their dynamic communities. 

Southeast Asia is quickly becoming the epicenter of GameFi markets, with a population of 600 million people and an expanding economy. PathDAO's resiliency in building deep networks has aided DeHorizon, which results in the gathering of vast numbers of audiences depending on content and interaction.

The incredible combination of DeVerse's quality level and DeHorizon's flawless vision has earned the structured and data-driven technique widespread acclaim. The majority of PathDAO members have at least a bachelor's degree. This is viewed as a distinct differentiating aspect in the game's future development compared to other platforms. 

Apart from the first internal test, community members are free to participate in the Whitelist Drop Campaign. "MyHighlights" and "Debug" are the most recent new channels introduced to DeHorizon's Discord account, ensuring a wonderful user experience and providing free DEVT coupons to gamers.

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