Ember Sword launches pre-alpha test for NFT holders

Ember Sword launches pre-alpha test for NFT holders

Ember Sword, the highly anticipated play-to-earn RPG adventure, has moved one step closer to release. NFT holders can now test the game by participating in the pre-alpha Tech Test, an early version of the game.

Starting from 5 to 8 April, those who own either an Ember Sword plot of land and/or Badge NFT can take part in the test, allowing them to get a first taste of the Ember Sword universe. NFT holders can wander in the Ember Sword farmlands before anyone else while collecting different items and/or resources to craft in-game items.

This initial launch only reflects a trimmed-down version of Embersword as the team is focused on improving the primary mechanism of the game. As such, there will be limited player interactions, such as movement, inventory, and in-game chat at the testing stage.

Those who own a plot of land or an NFT and want to participate in the pre-alpha Tech Test can head to the Embersword Website. Once on the website, they can sign in, connect the trusty wallet, and join the fun in the testing environment. 

In order to interact with the community and receive feedback from the early game testers, the Ember Sword team has set up a dedicated Tech Test channel in the project’s Discord.