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Meta tests new tools for its metaverse's users to earn money

Meta tests new tools for its metaverse's users to earn money

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is testing tools to sell digital assets and experiences within its virtual reality world, Horizon Worlds. 

The company is beginning to test two new tools that will allow users to experiment with different ways to monetize what they're building in Horizon Worlds. This is a key part of Meta's plan to create a metaverse.

The tools will first be offered to a select group of users who are producing virtual classrooms, games, and fashion items on Meta's immersive platform, which is accessible via VR headsets, according to the firm. Those selected individuals will be able to sell their accessories or give paid access to specific digital environments they have created using a single tool, according to the business.

Meta said these types of tools are steps toward their long-term vision for the metaverse where creators can earn income and people can buy digital goods, services, and experiences.

Besides testing the new tools, Meta is also testing out a program called "creator bonus" for a small set of users in the United States. With this program, participants will get paid monthly for using new features the company launches.

"We want there to just be tons of awesome worlds, and in order for that to happen, there needs to be a lot of creators who can support themselves and make this their job," says Mark Zuckerberg in a conversation with the selected users, inside the virtual world.

Meta has made significant investments in virtual and augmented reality to represent its plans on creating the metaverse, a futuristic concept of a network of virtual environments accessed via various devices where users can work, socialize, and play.

SOURCE: Reuters