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MobiPad Launchpad enters Enjin and Efinity Ecosystem

MobiPad Launchpad enters Enjin and Efinity Ecosystem

One of the leading launchpads, MobiPad, has just become the newest member of the Efinity Parachain and the Enjin Ecosystem. 

With its 100 million USD Efinity Fund, Enjin is committed to bringing on board a wide range of projects to the Efinity network as they prepare for the launch of the NFT.IO marketplace, the public access of Efinity, and the Enjin Wallet 2.0.

MobiPad focuses mostly on the Efinity Parachain. Efinity, often called the “Highway of NFTs,” intends to link all blockchains and become the go-to site for NFTs. With the launch of MobiPad and its mobile app, digital creators will be able to collect funds from their creative Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT projects more easily. MobiPad will help make their unique ideas become a reality.

Furthermore, MobiPad is planned to provide investors with a new and improved model for investing in INOs, IGOs, and IDOs.

MobiPad claimed that they choose Efinity over others because they gain various advantages from using the parachain. One of their main reasons is that Efinity is a Polkadot parachain specifically for GameFi and NFT projects. Moreover, the Polkadot network’s security complements each Parachain of this network because it’s very secure. Enjin was also among the first networks that helped NFT projects and Blockchain gaming back in 2017, which made the Enjin core team thought of as the leaders of the Metaverse Idea.

The Efinity network is also capable of handling thousands of NFTs per second with a fraction of the cost per translation fee, which is a stark contrast to other chains. 

SOURCE: egamers.io