Dogami Brings Tezos-Based Pet Avatars to The Sandbox

Dogami Brings Tezos-Based Pet Avatars to The Sandbox

Dogami, the first mass-market play-to-earn game on Tezos, has signed its first partnership with The Sandbox and is integrating Tezos-based pet avatars into the metaverse. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies since this is the first time for The Sandbox to have playable four-legged avatars. 

Before its partnership with Dogami, The Sandbox only featured pet avatars as non-playable characters (NPCs). Thus, this partnership further extends its gaming universe, enhancing the user experience for pet avatar holders.

Non-fungible assets are taking off on Tezos courtesy of the Dogami NFT collection. After launching the Dogami Generation Alpha NFTs, which are restricted to 8,000 tokens, the project has recently witnessed a significant spike in transaction volume, which rose to over 700,000 Tez. Furthermore, the NFT collection has less than 10% of assets listed for sale on Objkt. This confirms that the early supporters intend to support the project in the long run.

The partnership between Dogami and The Sandbox further confirms that the industry has embraced pet-avatar oriented projects on Tezos. According to the roadmap, Dogami wants its pet NFT holders to walk with their four-legged friends before the year ends.

Dogami has purchased a 3x3 Estate S-Land to build a Community Hub and the first-ever pet-friendly experience in The Sandbox. In this community hub, Dogami NFT holders will be able to walk around with their Dogami Voxel avatars, participate in social events, and skate in the Dogami House Skatepark. The NFT holders will be able to discover numerous easter eggs and hidden secrets of the Dogami project. In addition, the skatepark will provide voxel items for players to purchase via the DOGA House virtual skate store.