Axie Infinity Ranks As the Most Searched NFT collection

Axie Infinity Ranks As the Most Searched NFT collection

Design Bundle, a digital design marketplace, recently released a ranking of the most popular NFTs based on the number of times they were searched on Google every month. With 3.86 million monthly global searches, Axie Infinity came out on top of the list as the most searched NFT collection in the world.

Axie Infinity is a hugely popular gaming metaverse with over 2.8 million unique addresses that host 11.1 million Axies. Axies are characters similar to Pokémon in the game. Each Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT) and is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can collect and battle with the characters. They can also purchase, sell, and trade them to make money. The Axie collection, with 3.86 million global searches, 1.9 million traders, and an all-time value of $4.14 billion, is the most popular NFT today.

The Sandbox bagged second place in the most searched NFT collection with over 553,000 monthly global searches. Similar to Axie Infinity, The Sandbox is a metaverse where its users can interact with the game using NFTs. Within this metaverse, users can buy and sell plots of land.

The Sandbox is followed by NBA Top Shot in third place, with 477,000 average monthly searches. NBA Top Shot is an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, and collect NBA digital moments.

Receiving 417,000 monthly global searches, Sorare comes in fourth place. Sorare is another game that uses blockchain technology where players can purchase, sell, trade, and manage a virtual football team with digital player cards.

Decentraland sits in fifth place with 201,000 global searches. Other virtual worlds and games on the list are Rarible, Cryptokitties, Gods Unchained, Cryptopunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

SOURCE: Finbold