Fans Celebrates Alotta Money's Life at CryptoVoxels

Fans Celebrates Alotta Money's Life at CryptoVoxels

The crypto and NFT community organized a tribute for Alotta Money in the CryptoVoxels metaverse. The tribute was held on March 5th, two days after he passed away from cancer and a day after what would have been his 50th birthday. 

Philippe, known in the crypto space as Alotta Money, was a French NFT artist who had made a big name for himself through his exceptional talent and unique works. He sold individual NFTs for as much as 270 ETH, equivalent to roughly $1.04 million. Considered as the pioneering NFT artist, his works of art are often absurd and humorous, reflecting society. Alotta Money called himself a Voxel Architect and is often called an ‘NFT Machine.’ His wide range of digital art had successfully influenced people to engage in NFT art.

During the tribute, more than 100 fans gathered on the rooftop of The Voxel Hotel in CryptoVoxels. They dance on the virtual dance floor and share stories to celebrate the life and birthday of Alotta Money. 

NFT relations strategist at Cryptoslam, Yehudah Petscher, told Forkast that the event is unlike anything he has experienced in the metaverse. It shows that NFTs aren’t just about money but also have the power to connect people. 

SOURCE: Forkast

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