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DeHorizon to launch MMO/RPG DeVerse on Polygon Mainnet

DeHorizon to launch MMO/RPG DeVerse on Polygon Mainnet

On Sunday, DeHorizon announced that their first game, DeVerse, is going to launch on Polygon Mainnet, which is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. By using Polygon, DeVerse may provide low-cost transactions and a friendly interactive experience for DeVerse Players. Furthermore, DeHorizon and Polygon Studios will work together on game distribution, technical solutions, asset expansion, branding, industry resources, and various other aspects to promote the development and release of DeVerse.

Shane, DeHorizon Founder, stated, "Making DeVerse launch on Polygon is a great milestone in ushering the movement of a metaverse carnival across multi-chains. l am glad to welcome and greet Polygon inhabitants in DeVerse!"

With the decision to establish DeVerse on Polygon, a swap program called De-Swap Travel will soon be available on the website. 

Once launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), all Numen(SSR, SR) and Props(Pre-mining Pass, Galaxy Cube, Magic Cube, Internal Testing Ticket, Sweetie Pie, Spirit Burning Necklace, and Fiery Feast) will be transferred to Polygon Mainnet. 

De-Swap Travel, according to DeHorizon's announcement, will not affect the quality of NFTs.

DeHorizon's longer-term vision is to build a virtual carnival open to all metaverse users across multiple blockchains., where users can enjoy their second life. Being the first game of DeHorizon's core loops, DeVerse provides the groundwork for the whole ecosystem.

DeHorizon recognized Polygon's blockchain competence and chose to build DeVerse on Polygon, which is an essential step toward creating a cross-chain metaverse ecosystem. NFT assets will be incorporated systematically, and gamers will appreciate Polygon's ease of use and a low transaction charge. 

The first part of the DeVerse Internal Test was completed a few weeks ago, and phase II will begin on April 11th, with a prize pool of over $3 million $DVT (native token in DeVerse).

SOURCE: PRNewswire