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Meta partners with VNTANA for 3D advertising

Meta partners with VNTANA for 3D advertising

Meta Platforms Inc. has announced its partnership with 3D eCommerce technology company VNTANA to bring 3D advertising to Facebook and Instagram social media platforms. This integration will make it easier for brands to upload the 3D models of their products to Facebook and Instagram and convert them into ads.

VTANA was given alpha access to Meta’s AR Publishing API, which will allow brands to have “a new, interactive way to bring their products to Meta apps and connect with their customers online, creating a more immersive shopping experience for the online consumer,” said the company in a release.

Before Meta partnered with VNTANA, advertisers had to reformat 3D files to be compatible with the ad systems of META. Now, brands can upload their existing 3D designs from programs like Keyshot, Clo, Browzwear, Modo, and others, then automatically convert them to Facebook and Instagram standards. The 3D models can be published directly from VTANA to the Meta catalog. Thus, brands can easily streamline 3D ads creation.

Ashley Crowder, the co-founder and CEO of VTANA, stated that 3D and AR technology in online ads is the next frontier for brands who want to connect with the digital consumer. She also said that this partnership is a stepping stone into advertising in the metaverse.

​​“Collaborating with Meta to offer brands 3D deployment across its advertising platform is another move forward for VNTANA to democratize 3D for the retail industry. This technology delivers benefits to both the retailer and the consumer, as it gives the consumer a better understanding of the product,” says Ashley.

Users of Facebook and Instagram who see a 3D ad while browsing on both their phone and desktop can interact with the product being advertised and move it around to view the product from all angles.

Mate previously partnered with augmented reality (AR) companies Perfect Corp and Modifce to help cosmetic and beauty brands run 3D and AR advertising.

SOURCE: Reuters