Bitkub joins hands with Metaverse Thailand

Bitkub joins hands with Metaverse Thailand

One of the leaders in the Thai blockchain industry, Bitkub Blockchain Technology, is partnering with the virtual platform Metaverse Thailand. The two companies have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to create a visual world platform and enhance Thailand’s metaverse platform.

The aim of this partnership is to develop new infrastructure, as well as to build Meta Chain and Bitkub Chain together while making the ability of both chains stronger. 

The map of the metaverse is related to the physical map of Thailand, and users are allowed to own virtual land. Initially, users can own business areas in the virtual version of Bangkok and use the land to conduct business in the virtual world.

Web3 technology will be used by the metaverse players, and users will be able to own decentralized wallets. Using this new dimension of technology, the metaverse platform wants to improve users’ experience and allow users to have full ownership of every asset and business in the virtual world.

Furthermore, users can use the Kub coins and Meta tokens for exchange and transactions in the virtual world. For instance, users can exchange Bitkub NFTs, go in for decentralized finance and game finance, take part in marketing, drop in at online stores, or visit the Meta NFT marketplace. In addition, users may also make an exchange for other tokens on Bitkub Chain and via Meta.

Bitkub Blockchain Technology CEO Passakorn Pannok stated that the partnership is another step “in expanding the ecosystem from Bitkub Chain to Metaverse.” He also said that the partnership gives 900,000 Bitkub Next users an opportunity to access Metaverse Thailand, while users of Metaverse Thailand can access Bitkub Chain’s ecosystem. 

“This collaboration will accelerate technological development while dramatically increasing mutual benefit and productivity for both parties,” stated the co-founder of Metaverse Thailand and CEO of M Vision, Opas Chedpunt.

SOURCE: The Nation Thailand