Sophia Technologies to shape education in the Metaverse

Sophia Technologies to shape education in the Metaverse

Female-founded tech start-up Sophia Technologies Ltd. arrives as the first British Online Education Provider in the Somnium Space metaverse through a partnership with subsidiary, Metaverse Group. The company provides a best-in-class affordable British education program for students from around the world and is seeking to shape education inside the Metaverse.

Founded in 2018 by CEO Melissa McBride, this London based company is reimagining education in the digital age using its British Online School known as Sophia High School and Athena Labs Immersive Virtual Reality learning program. Since its launch in September 2020, Sophia Technologies has gathered students from more than 24 countries. Entering the metaverse is the next step for its reimagining education mandate.

Melissa McBride stated that virtual reality worlds are "a great way to stimulate creativity, collaboration, and communication." She also said that virtual reality worlds have the potential to foster critical thinking in students since anything is possible inside these worlds.

"The immersive environments of the metaverse opens the door to hands-on real-life activities not possible in the classroom. We have seen that virtual reality experiences engage students in ways that simply have not been possible before. The impact of this learning is felt both inside the VR setting and in the real world. Children learn without them realizing it, which is the holy grail of education," says Melissa.

In an industry dominated by men, Melissa and its Sophia Technologies is part of a growing set of female leaders in Web3. The company is rising to the top as it shapes the emerging Metaverse. Based on a recent estimate, there are only 5% of companies led by women in the crypto landscape. However, it's becoming more apparent that there is an opportunity for an inclusive, diverse, and accessible community in the virtual world that is open to anyone who wants to develop in it.

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance