acquires landmark parcels in SuperWorld acquires landmark parcels in SuperWorld Corp, a publicly-traded company, investing in Web3 crypto assets and businesses linked to the Metaverse and NFTs, announced that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has acquired 40 virtual real estate parcels in SuperWorld metaverse. SuperWorld is a 3D virtual world where the land plots are digitally mapped over the Earth's entire surface.

Metaverse Group has purchased landmark locations within SuperWorld, including the Central Park Zoo, the Eden Fine Art Gallery in Manhattan, the Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas, the Pelican Hotel in Miami Beach, and more.

The CEO of and Executive Chair of Metaverse Group, Andrew Kiguel, stated that the company is excited to expand its Metaverse real estate portfolio to SuperWorld. He also said that these landmark properties they bought would attract visitor traffic that is attractive to their growing client base.

SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO, Hrish Lotlikar, claimed that he is "thrilled" to welcome Metaverse Group and their portfolio to SuperWorld.

"With the purchase of these 40 landmark locations on our platform, Metaverse Group puts itself at the vanguard of the virtual real estate space and will serve as a catalyst for bringing more brands, organizations, and individuals into the Metaverse," says Hrish Lotlikar.

The real estate portfolio of Metaverse Group spreads over seven of the most popular metaverses, including Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Somnium Space. The company constantly adds new parcels to its portfolio, providing brands with more opportunities to launch their marketing strategies in the Metaverse. is currently the only publicly-traded company with substantial exposure to Metaverse real estate with paying tenants. Its virtual real estate generates revenue from retailers opening virtual storefronts and through digital advertising.

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance